Dual battery and touchscreen, a good surprise

img_3960This brand, rather confidential, is known to belong to a Californian modder, recognized for his colorful, dual battery electronic boxes and a brand logo inspired by the Star Wars movies.

After creations with a singular design, the modder proposes a new Minikin V2, sober and more usable than ever for a dual battery electronic box.

Its price, however twice as low as other less innovative hardware, positions the Minikin V2 within the upper range of the market.

For this price, I expected something less complete and I was fearing for the duration of its touchscreen. For the least I could experience with the box, I must confess that its usability is comfortable, much more than with any other boxes of this range and even if it embarks two 18 650 batteries. I have been surprised, but in the good way and I can tell you that it is rare.

The Minikin V2 by Asmodus offers most of the technical innovations available to date. It offers power and autonomy, thanks to the two 18 650 batteries protected by a magnetic metallic cover, inspired by its parent, the famous Vapor Shark.

Even if I have been completely satisfied in this test by the Minikin V2, I remain sceptical regarding the durability of its Soft touch finish. As a reminder, my Vapor Shark rapidly turned awful because of this finish. I am also afraid of issues with the touchscreen and especially its plastic cover. The assembly looks qui loose and the plastic part vulnerable. But I must say that nothing concrete happened up to now.

Note that it happened with the Nine by Pipeline that lost its screen. But the screen was not tactile and I could still use it, which couldn’t be the case with the Minikin V2.

The coating of this box is very soft and pleasant but it keeps fingerprints which disfigure its pure design with time.

Minikin V2 is dedicated to vapers seeking a powerful and not completely sedentary hardware. The atypical format but of an extraordinary usability perfectly hides its two 18 650 batteries. The shape fits into the palm and the large top cap is compatible with a wide range of atomizers.

This box definitely deserves testing on the Vaping Post. Apart from the touchscreen, a solid asset for customizable settings, this hardware is probably the best dual battery electronic box on the market, actually.

A touchscreen that makes life easier, two batteries, a performant chipset and a magnetic lid

As often in the US, the packaging is sketchy. The overall finish is good, assembly is in the average and the lid is secured with two magnets. The magnetic lock is very useful and there is not loose part on my model. There is no specific direction for the lid that can also fit upside down.

With a remarkable autonomy in the world of big dual battery boxes, the Minikin V2 is not the one that easily fits in you pocket, even if its 250 g is well balanced in the volume. Very stable on its base, its dimensions of 81×40 mm makes it nicely fit in the palm of your hand.

There are many reasons for buying a dual battery box but some users are skeptical. Nevertheless, when considering how the market evolves, it may be comfortable to rely on two batteries, sometimes.

The autonomy is generally a weakness with electronic mods. Here, I was amazed to realize that the two 18 650 batteries covered my daily use of the Minikin V2 from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. When flat, you can easily get access to the battery compartment to change the batteries, you have a backup option with the USB if you don’t have spare ones. Finally, if you need power, this box delivers up to 180 W with an output current of 45 A in Watt mode. A convenient feature if you use dual coils in Temperature Control mode.

The Fire is very close to the quality of a Provari. The big shiny button with a logo on it is flawlessly integrated to the design and its usability is just perfect. Not too big, not too small, it has the advantage of being noiseless. A small criticism yet, the Fire is a bit too embedded into the frame.

The major innovation of this box is a successful progression towards tactile features with its touchscreen. I was expecting this change and I am far from being disappointed. Except unattended and random unlocking, sometimes painful, this touchscreen does the job and is more performant than expected for a comfortable use.

Here, everything becomes intuitive. The functioning is mastered in five minutes and all menues are easily accessible. This Minikin V2 managed to surprise me and to convince me. It is perfect for a sedentary use, its durability remains to be confirmed.

Technical review

The main features are:

  • A round metallic Fire
  • Dimensions: 42x40x80 mm
  • Weight: 254 g (with the two 18 650 batteries), 160 g
  • Threaded 510 on a flexible spring
  • Material: aluminium
  • Battery: 2×18 650 (not included) – Discharge current> 25 A
  • Resistances range: 0.1 – 2.5 Ω
  • Temperature Control mode:  TC-Ni200/TC-SS316/TC-SS317/TI
  • Temperature range: 100 – 300°C
  • Wattage range: 1 – 180 W and 5 – 120 W in TC mode
  • Output current: 45 A
  • Max output Voltage: 7.5 V
  • Display: 2.4 inches capacitive LED, white
  • Information: Output power (watts) and/or temperature, Resistance temperature, resistance value (Ω) and battery level per battery, True output power, mode in use, puff counter and duration of the last puff.
  • Colors: Black, Grey, Purple, Green, Brown and Whte
  • User manual
  • Upgradable chipset
  • Chipset: GX 180 – HT

Box content:

  • 1 box Minikin V2
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 unser manuel

A chipset greedy in energy, a complete control of temperature, a Curve mode very intuitive

It is interesting to notice a standardization of the features in brands thanks to the chipsets that are becoming more and more performant. They tend to accept all types of resistive materials with an expert mode of temperature control. And The Minikin V2 is not left apart. Far from this, its “Coil” mode is made to accept all types of wires and the TCR and TFR modes offer professional features and the customization of heating coefficients.

Here again, no information is available about the operation of these TCR and TFR modes. TCR accepts the heating coefficient to be entered directly with regard to the type of coil you are using. This feature is already present on devices like the Pipeline Pro 3. In contrast, TFR is a brand new feature to me and I didn’t really manage to figure out what it was. It gives access to five sub-menus that allow advance controls on temperatures and durations.

The firmware is upgradeable on the official website of the manufacturer. The customer service and available information are very light. Even if the modder is Californian, it would have been nice also to think of customers, who are not experts.


Finally, placing the two 18 650 batteries is made easy and there is no risk to damage them. The two upper connexion pins are on spring and a strip helps to remove them.

Simplified basic use thanks to the touchscreen

This box is easy to use, simple and intuitive, especially for the Curve mode, the one I elected as my principal mode.

At first, you need to unlock the touchscreen, by simply sliding your finger down the screen. The gesture is not intuitive, compared to the rest and don’t be afraid if it doesn’t work at the first try. Don’t go too fast and keep your finger as flat as possible. It is much less reactive than a smartphone but the principle is similar. To me, it is the only black cloud in the sky.

When unlocked, one touch allows you to select wattage or temperature settings or a menu with three items. First, “Res” displays the resistance value, and allows setting its value. Second, a mode to access to the four other modes: “Power” for the wattage, “Coil” to select the type of wire in TC mode, “TCR” to enter your own heating coefficient and, finally, the obscur “TFR”.

A third and last mode is “Setup” to adjust the brightness of your screen, the number of puffs and their limit. Honestly, limiting my pleasure with one of these two features is not an option at all.

A “Curve” mode that, itself, justifies the choice of the Minikin V2

The “Power” mode is divided in two sub-modes, “Watt” for the wattage and “Curve” to set up five different types of wattages as a function of the duration that you chose.

On the left, you set up the wattage by touching the one you want. On the right, you set up the time in second by touching the value.


On this picture you can see the settings I use with my Corona in dual coil, 0.33 Ω. It is similar to the “Boost” mode on other models with a much better access to use it with more serenity.

I find this mode very precious because I like a frank attack then a softer tail to consume less liquid and energy.

The “Temperature Control” mode is complete

I confess that in my daily use of mostly rebuildable hardware, I left behind the TC mode to prefer a Kanthal wire. It allows me to remain at cooler temperatures for the same pleasure a with Ti or Ni wires.

Everyday use in TC mode via the “Coil” and “TCR” modes, it is simple and intuitive. You can set up the power and/or the temperature with the touchscreen. The “Coil” and “TCR” modes are far enough for me since I am using SS316 wires, most of the time.


The battery level is reliable and accurate. It takes into account the two batteries separately. I deplore that the manufacturer did not include an indication of the remaining autonomy with a percentage. A singularity of the model I own is that I cannot vape when the mod is in charge with the USB cable. It is quite a surprise.

Objectively, this box is an excellent dual battery box that will surprise you by its good usability and a simplified use thanks to its touchscreen. It can become the queen in you lounge. A sober design that offers all the available modernity in this end of 2016.

I have been impressed by the price/performance ratio of this Minikin V2 that is probably the lowest to date, except of course for the poverty of the information given by the manufacturer.

In summary

The “+”:

  • The best usability among the dual battery boxes
  • A “Curve” mode easy and convenient
  • A 2.4 inches touchscreen, readable
  • Autonomy and linearity of the chipset
  • Quality and finish of the “Fire”
  • Good finish of the 510 screw thread
  • USB recharge, the plug is on the side
  • 180 W, comfortable for vaping in TC mode
  • Accepts all types of resistive wires
  • Logo asMODus
  • Upgrade via USB
  • Price

The “-“:

  • Unlocking is not easy
  • Weight
  • Doubts on the longevity of the Soft Touch finish
  • Fingerprints
  • No ByPass mode to vape while charging
  • No calibration for the TC mode
  • User manual not complete
  • Packaging too sober
  • Counterfeits exist in 200 W
  • Keep in mind that you will probably have to add the price of two to four batteries (€20 – €40)


Rating of 3.9/5. With an easier unlocking and a better confidence in the longevity of the soft touch finish and the plastic screen, I would have rated the Minikin V2 5/5. It is, in my opinion, the most coherent and the best dual battery box for the end of 2016.


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3 years ago

It deserved a higher score in my opinion. 4.5 rating, best dual box mod out there.

3 years ago

I agree with nearly every thing you said about the V2, I’ve been using mine 4 weeks now since new, and it’s always the mod I seem to pickup out of my 8 mod/kits. Some minute scratches on edge of battery cover, So buying a case/cover for it ssap, or a zapwrap. Excellent mod,and does seem to last longer than my other dual battery mods.