The company announced that “Due to upcoming FDA regulations and restrictions”, they were forced to close doors. The decision was taken today “to cease production and close operations”, reads their website.

Provari Fuel will sell from stocks their the remaining ProVari’s, accessories and e-liquids. A third party ProVari repair technician will provide repair services for after market sevices on ProVari devices.

Software updates for Radius and P3 will remain accessible until January 2018. The ProVari Team informs customers that there won’t be any new software updates.

A testimony from the inside about FDA’s policy and implications for businesses:

Peter Denholtz (The Henley Vaporium): “I believe that the FDA is intent on killing the vaping industry”

  • Chainvapor

    Sorry but the FDA had little to do with this one. Underwhelming and Pitifully outdated tech at a ridiculous price was their downfall. They came blame the FDA all they want, but I don’t see Evolv closing their doors and they are an American company as well. As soon as the DNA200 boards came out, Provape was destined to become obsolete. I am surprised they stuck it out this long to be honest. It really is too bad though because they did make a high quality product. If they had come out with a mod that would go to 100 watts and fire a 0.2ohm coil they could have stayed relevant for a long time to come. There are DNA mods that sell for a really high price, so price is not the only thing that destroyed their business. It was a combination of price and outdated tech. R.I.P. Provape. 🙁

    • Robert Fairrington

      I had a similar thought as well….. any company that is healthy now would not close earlier than being forced to, especially with the hope of regulations being changed or overturned and having the rest of the world as a market.

      • Brian Coe

        Really? what about Totally Wicked ? They had to close because of the deeming regs.

        • Robert Fairrington

          If I remember correctly, they pulled out of the US because of the FDA, but they didn’t close up shop. They are based out of EU and decided to focus their attention there.

          • Brian Coe

            It’s the FDA we’re talking about is it not? but TW stated they will close down in summer 2018 in the U.S, The other factor in all this is the taxing of vaper products at state level which is popping up everywhere.

          • Robert Fairrington

            Right, TW is closing US operations in 2018 due to scheduled FDA regs. That’s what we are saying, Provape shutting down today and blaming it on the FDA doesn’t seem plausible or realistic. If you are a healthy company it doesn’t make sense to say “we’re going to close today because regulations are going to force us to shut down in a year” If you are making money, you stay in business until the last moment someone forces you out. Not to mention the fact that there are still a lot that could change in the US in regards to the FDA regs. It seems more probable they were already on the down and out. No disrespect to Provape intended. TW made a sound decision in focusing on one set of regs instead of over extending themselves on both continents.

          • Brian Coe

            A business can close for any reason it chooses, whether it’s doing well or not, unless you have all the details as to why they did then I can’t see how you would know or what business it is of anyone else’s to second guess in a critisicing manor.

            I would have thought the FDA regs did play a massive part in their decision and most definitely at a state level where there are now 120 bills of one kind or another all over the US.

    • Brian Coe

      Given that there’s no hope of ever getting a PMTA through and even if they were struggling for whatever reason, the deeming regulations would have been the nail in their coffin, also you’re missing the fact that vaping products are now being taxed at levels of 60% , the regulations at state level are far worse than at federal level and businesses are having to close down everywhere,

      Also it’s not the be all and end all to have 100 watt devices with .2 coils, the industry is saturated with sub ohm, what is needed is MTL for smokers to make the switch, smokers are the future of vaping.

  • Michael Wujcik

    yep, people are very underwhelming and full of it today,