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Russian smokers are growing their own tobacco

Following a two year recession, Russia’s economy reportedly started growing again in 2017. However Russians’ disposable income has dropped again for the fourth time...

A  journal editor is being accused of fast-tracking an e-cig emissions study

In May 2015, renowned anti-smoking expert Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos and colleagues published an article in Addiction which reported that e-cigarette emissions only contain alarming...

US Senator urges FDA to regulate e-cigarettes immediately

The Senator who is a member of the Democratic Party, claimed that he is concerned about the increased popularity of e-cigarettes amongst adolescents, and...

Canada: Proposed bill would impose e-cig marketing restrictions

A bill that is being proposed by Ontario’s Health Ministry would regulate vaping in the same way as smoking, hence placing restrictions on where...

The Big Vape Lobby strikes again

The hook for Gross’s article was how badly the E-Cig Summit audience treated one of the speakers, and how this shows that “Big Vape...
New Zealand New Vaping Law

NZ health expert: Endorsing e-cigs is key in fighting smoking

Following a 0.6% decrease in smoking rates over the past year, Massey University associate professor of public health Marewa Glover, pointed out that smokeless...

Australian MP wants to ban vaping in no-smoking areas

An article on The Northern Star, pointed out that the legislation, the Smoke-free Environment Amendment (E-cigarettes) Bill 2017, was introduced following a call for...

Farsalinos writes to the FDA about the AHA’s inaccurate HnB study

Research conducted by the AHA exposed mice to aerosol emitted by PMI’s Heat-not-Burn (HnB) device iQOS, and claimed that this aerosol had the same...

New York: Vaping is now officially banned in indoor spaces

Last June, lawmakers in Albany voted to add vaping products to the state Clean Indoor Air Act, hence banning the devices from places where...

Ecigfit coupon : 40% off discount

The Sigelei KAOS Spectrum Box Mod is the newest dual 18650 powered flagship from the legendary creators of the 213, featuring a 10 to...