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IBVTA film about vaping released last month

The documentary which features independent industry and public health professionals was made by ITN Productions, and highlights the benefits to individual smokers when they...

Singapore MPs question their government’s stance on vaping

Importing and selling vaping products has been banned in the island city-state since 2014, and possession of the products has been made illegal since...

UK MP urges caution over suggesting e-cigs as safer alternatives

Despite the number of studies indicating that e-cigarettes have great potential as smoking cessation tools, speaking in Westminster MP Gregory Lloyd Campbell said that...

Vapers Praise Vaping as their Catalyst to Becoming “Woke”

Lately, from conversations with the “everyday” Vaper, it has been confirmed to me by many that their own concern for being engaged as a...

Vaping may soon be banned on Penn State University campuses

Last year Penn State President Eric Barron, commissioned a task force to explore the idea of making the university smoke-free. This 17-member group that...

Farsalinos replicates e-cigarette Aldehyde Emissions studies

“Bad quality studies accompanied by impressive press statements are becoming increasingly frequent … I think we will see some interesting developments in this aspect...

Altria invests in vape shops chain Avail Vapor LLC

In the last four years, Chesterfield County-based Avail Vapor LLC, has grown to over 100 retail locations within Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia,...

UK : More data indicating that youth smoking is at record low

The Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England - 2016, is the latest survey report in a series that began in...

Vapers Venting: SmokeFreeRadio Podcast Hotline for Rants May Prove Therapeutic

This fascinating development begins with the well-known Vape Advocate and Vaping Personality, Dimitris Agrafiotis, also referred to as the “VapinGreek.” Regardless, in a slightly...

Altria develops technology to reduce nicotine in cigarettes

A few months ago the FDA announced a new comprehensive plan for tobacco and nicotine regulation, under which the much disputed PreMarket Tobacco Applications...