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How to Clean a Vape Tank

Time needed: 3 minutes. How to Clean a Vape Tank - Step-by Step Take out the vape tank from your vaporizer and empty it of any fluid. Rinse...

Are e-cigarettes hazardous for your lungs?

Are e-cigarettes hazardous for your lungs? Non-smokers should never use e-cigarettes. On the other hand, smokers who swap smoking for vaping will really feel...

Why does my e-cigarette crackle?

Why does my e-cigarette crackle? This is a normal phenomenon resulting from a temperature rise in the resistance coil. Under the effect of heat,...

How do you vape?

How to vape in four steps Press the activation button Once the e-cigarette is in your mouth, press the activation button (known as the...

Why does my e-cigarette irritate my throat?

Do you feel a tingling sensation in your throat when vaping? Do you sometimes cough? Don't panic, we will explain why this is happening...

Why does my e-cigarette taste burnt?

How to avoid my e-cigarette to taste burnt ? Check your clearomizer Check that your clearomizer still contains a suitable level of e-liquid (more...

Travel with your e-cigarette

England Legal to own an e-cigarette: Yes Local presence of shops: Yes Additional information: England is probably the most enthusiastic country in the...

5 questions to help you choose the right nicotine content

Get a clear understanding of the nicotine that you need when you are a smoker When you are a smoker and you want to quit...