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Master’s Degree in Sociology. I love anything and everything vape-related. All articles express my own opinion and do not necessarily reflect the Editor's view.

Fight To Survive Campaign: Small Vapor Businesses and the FDA

Basically, the letter is to help express their “concern for small businesses in the open vapor product industry in regard to the current PMTA...

Vapor Technology Association Files Lawsuit Against FDA

So far, it seems the FDA strategy towards vaping in general has been to immediately reject it by harshly regulating it. Then, when it...

Top U.S. Universities to Research Vaping

We have certainly heard about many scientific based research studies entirely debunked and later considered inconclusive. We have also learned of some reliable and...

Tax Proposal Could Devastate Ohio Vape Industry

The OHVTA is once again facing a proposed taxation policy, except this time around, the state budget being introduced includes a $0.10 per milliliter...

New Mexico Smoke Free Alliance Defeats 12 Anti-Vape Bills

Vape shop owner Missy Alvarez-Currie took matters into her own hands by seeking out to establish the first ever state group for New Mexico....

OHVTA Opposes Tobacco 21 Legislation Proposed by Ohio Governor

The Governor's office says that their T21 bill is all in an effort to prevent teen addiction. In support of this legislation, the Director...

Proposed Legislation in Colorado Seeks to Ban Vaping in Public

Some states are worse than others. There are a number of examples. For instance, New Mexico is battling 7 or 8 different bills that...

Understanding the Back to Basics Workshop Philosophy

Purpose It has become rather obvious that vape shops across America need a complete makeover. At the same time, the argument made by Phil...