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best-ecigaretteThe vaping market offers many different kind of products and it can be very difficult for someone who is new to this world, to choose the right one. We try in this article to identify several e-cigarettes or vaporizers that are efficient and reliable to us. Here is our selection (last update September 2016):

Best Cigalike

The first e-cigarettes were cigalikes, and although the technology has come a long way since then the little sticks are still popular. They’re light, compact and – especially with an automatic battery – as close as you can get to the size and feel of a traditional cigarette.

Obviously the small size means there are some downsides as well; battery capacity is limited, and if you’re going out for the day you’ll want a couple of spares or a portable charging case to make sure you always have enough power. Vapour production from such a small atomiser also tends to be limited, and unless you get one with a tank cigalikes are a lot more expensive to use than other e-cigs. Disposables are convenient, but work out the most expensive of all.

In this category we’ve picked two winners: One that uses prefilled cartridges, and one tank system. They each have pluses and minuses, but if you want the convenience of a cigalike either one will do well.

JoyeTech eRoll-C

joyetech-eroll-cThis is the latest version of the eRoll, one of the few cigalikes to use a refillable tank. It’s a very nicely made system and a lot of thought has gone into it. Compared to the original eRoll it’s much sleeker looking, with an even slimmer profile and a new, all-metal care that comes in three colours – silver, gold and black.

The whole thing comes in a slim metal charging case that looks like a cigarette case until you flip the lid open. Inside there’s a slot to hold the eRoll, and the rest of the space is taken up by the 1,000mAh battery.

The eRoll-C itself has a 90mAh battery, which only lasts for around ten minutes of continuous use, but when it runs low all you have to do is put it back in the case and it will quickly recharge. The case itself recharges through a micro USB port.

At the top end there’s a refillable tank based on JoyeTech’s original eGo system. The atomiser head fits into the base of the top section; liquid is held in a removable combination tank/mouthpiece that slips over a spike on the end of the atomiser. It doesn’t have a huge capacity but there’s a clear window to show you how much is left. The eGo-based technology also means it puts out a lot more vapour than standard cigalikes, so if you want something tiny but still reasonably powerful this is the one to get.

Vype eStick

The eStick is a much more conventional cigalike, which uses disposable prefilled cartomisers and a rechargeable battery. It comes in a handy kit, containing one battery, three cartos and a portable charging case. The case is plastic, with a flip top, and not as stylish as the eRoll’s, but it does have space to store two spare cartridges as well as the eStick itself. Vype don’t publish their battery capacities, but while the stick doesn’t last any longer than the eRoll the case holds enough power for a day or two of normal use.

Because it uses prefilled cartos the eStick is more expensive to run than the eRoll, but at least there’s a decent range of flavours. At the moment there are eight; it comes with two different tobacco cartos and one menthol, but they’re also available in mint, apple, cherry and vanilla as well as an unflavoured option.

One unusual thing about eStick cartos is they only come in one nicotine strength, which at 12.5mg/ml is fairly low. If you were a heavy smoker this might not be enough to keep you happy, but it works pretty well for most people. Overall this is a reasonably priced kit with decent performance.

Best Vape Pen

Ever since the eGo appeared, this style of e-cigarette has been the most popular by a long way. They’re larger than a cigalike, so can fit in more battery capacity and a higher-performing atomiser, but they’re still slim and compact. All pen-style devices available now use refillable tanks, although you can fit a 510 cartomiser if you want – but there really isn’t any reason to.

The most common e-cigarette you’ll find is an eGo-style battery with a CE4 clearomiser on top. This is a decent combination and it can be picked up for just a few pounds in most vape shops, but it’s pretty old technology by now. You can easily find a device that’s the same compact size but offers replaceable coils, more capacity and even adjustable voltage. We’ve looked for those features in our recommended model.

Vision Spinner 2 Kit

vision-spinner-2Vision’s Spinner was one of the first variable voltage eGo-style batteries, and for many vapers it was the first step towards a mod. The updated Spinner 2 follows the same principles but gives a lot more performance.

The Spinner 2 will be instantly familiar to anyone who’s ever used an eGo battery, but the design has some tweaks. It’s very nicely made overall, with an unusual pentagonal fire button that clicks nicely when you press it. The metal case is available in silver or black and the top end has eGo and 510 threading, meaning it can take just about any atomiser. At the bottom is the voltage adjustment. This is simply a wheel on the end of the case, which can be rotated to adjust the voltage. Four settings are marked, from 3.3 to 4.8 volts, but you can set it to anywhere in that range that suits you.

For eGo users the most impressive thing about the Spinner 2 is its large capacity. The Mini version gives you 850mAh, enough for several hours’ use, while the standard one is a solid 1,650mAh. That should last most people a whole day.

Vision sell the Spinner 2 either as a standalone battery or as part of a kit with their own bottom coil clearomiser. This matches the battery nicely and holds 2ml of liquid. It also has replaceable coils, so you don’t need to buy a new tank every time the atomiser starts to die.

Alternatively you can fit a small tank, like the Aspire Nautilus Mini. The compact version of the Nautilus comes with a beauty ring that screws over the eGo threads on the battery and gives a neat appearance. It also produces a lot more vapour than standard clearomisers. If you’re looking for a compact but high performance setup this is ideal.

Best All In One

All in one e-cigs are perfect for people who want a simple solution, but without the performance limits of a cigalike or pen. They’re not so good if you like to change atomisers – because you can’t – but as an alternative to smoking or a compact device to take out with you they’re great.

Most all in one designs have fixed voltage, so they’re a lot more straightforward to use than a mod. That isn’t going to suit everyone, of course, but the majority of vapers just want something to replace their cigarettes. If you don’t want to mess around with complicated coils or multiple power settings our top choice is ideal.

JoyeTech eGo AIO

joyetech-ego-aioJoyeTech more or less invented this category, with their eGo One; now they’ve updated it in the shape of the AIO. This is a neat cylindrical unit with a built-in 1,500mAh battery you can recharge through a micro USB port on one side. The atomiser is also built in and there’s no way to change it, but it’s very similar to JoyeTech’s Cubis and uses the same coils. Although the device is constant voltage this lets you change power output by varying the resistance of the coil, so it can be tailored to what you like.

The main thing to know about the AIO is that it’s very, very easy to use. All you have to do is fill it up and vape. The top-fill mechanism is simple, and also secure; the top cap is childproof, and has to be pushed down before you unscrew it. Then just squirt in the liquid, replace the cap and press the fire button.

For such a simple, compact unit performance is very good. The AIO can’t rival a full-on sub ohm tank on a VW mod, but for the average vaper it’s more than adequate. If you’re looking for something to replace cigarettes, and don’t want to tinker with it or learn about Ohm’s Law, this might be the perfect solution.

Best Small Mod

For those who want the ultimate in performance a mod is the best choice. More power, more adjustment options and the ability to swap atomisers make it easy to get exactly the vaping experience you’re looking for.

Mods do tend to be larger than the other types of e-cigarette, especially now that box mods have mostly taken over from the cylindrical variety, and that’s deterred some vapers from using them. The technology keeps improving, though, and it’s now possible to fit incredible performance into a compact unit. Most mods are still bulkier than an all in one device, but the difference isn’t anywhere near what it used to be. You’ll see that in our top pick.

Innokin Cool Fire IV TC

innokin-coolfire-iv-tcInnokin’s Cool Fire series has come a long way since the first grenade-shaped model, and the latest version of the Cool Fire IV is a real winner. The metal case is available in several colours, and has a nicely hand-filling shape. The screen is large and clear, and the large fire button falls neatly under the thumb. It’s not the smallest mod in the world but it’s compact enough to slip easily in a bag or pocket. You won’t have any problems carrying and using this all day.

Talking about using it all day, battery capacity certainly isn’t going to get in the way of that. The Cool Fire IV has a built-in 3,300mAh battery and a fast 2A charging circuit, so it has plenty of life and can be topped up quickly.

All the other specifications of the Cool Fire IV TC are equally impressive. It can operate in any of the temperature control modes – stainless steel, nickel or titanium – as well as variable wattage, and maximum power output is 100 watts. It’s all powered by an advanced AETHON chipset, giving ultra-fast response times and steady power delivery.

Previous mods have earned Innokin a reputation for quality manufacture, and there’s no change here. The 510 connector is stainless steel, and the positive pin is gold plated and spring-loaded. This device goes well with any sub ohm tank; it’s often paired with Innokin’s own iSub atomiser.

Best Large Mod

The latest chipsets mean a small mod can match the performance of a larger one, but size does still have one major advantage – a larger mod can pack in more battery capacity. More stored energy, whether it’s from a built-in battery or a set of removable ones, means you can vape longer on a single charge. If you like to vape at high power that can make a real difference. Mods with two or three batteries are bigger and heavier, obviously; some people prefer to keep them for use at home and carry something smaller when they go out, while others are happy to trade compactness for power. Our favourite large mod certainly isn’t lacking power.

Wismec Rouleaux RX200

wismec-rouleaux-rx200One unusual feature of Wismec’s Rouleaux is that it’s available with two different chipsets. The original has Evolv’s DNA200 chip; the later version has JoyeTech’s RX200. It also has some other improvements and costs a third as much, which is a big part of why it’s our favourite.

The Rouleaux is not a small mod. Seen from the side its bulk doesn’t really show, but from other angles it soon becomes obvious that it’s very chunky indeed. That’s because its case holds no less than three 18650 batteries. Despite its size it fits nicely in the hand, though, and all the buttons are easy to use.

Both versions of the Rouleaux give you the option of variable power plus all three temperature control modes, and they both have a massive 200 watt maximum power output. Even so, with a good set of high-drain batteries installed – they need to be rated for a minimum of 25A continuous current – you’ll manage a couple of days’ regular vaping between charges. There’s a micro USB port on the front panel for charging or updating the firmware, but it’s best to take the batteries out and top them up in a proper charger.

With all that power available the Rouleaux is perfect for dripping and cloud-chasing; it also pairs well with a tank like the Uwell Crown or Aspire Cleito. Whatever you put on top, this heavy-duty mod has the muscle to get the most out of it.


So, what’s the best e-cigarette? It all depends what you’re looking for. Our top picks cover a wide selection, from tiny cigalikes to the mighty Rouleaux, and they’re all great choices. Which one is best for you is a personal decision though. Still hesitating? Read more about criteria you have to consider when choosing a vaporizer.


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