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What you need to know about Heat-not-Burn (HNB) cigarettes

This is not vaping... Together with e-cigarettes, HNB cigarettes provide an alternative to combustible cigarettes for smokers who don't want or can't stop smoking. The...

FDA’s finalized deeming rule: A low blow for vapor products

The finalized version of FDA's Deeming Rule has been released in a 499-page document. Two years, it is the time industry and advocacy groups had to wait...

Philip Morris Int. plans to launch its iQOS heatstick in the US

The iQOS device, which has a similar shape to a short cigarette, works by heating tobacco leaves creating a smokeless alternative to combustible cigarettes....

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FDA Will Make List of PMTA Applicants Available to The Public

As the infamous May 12th PreMarket Tobacco Application Authorization (PMTA) deadline was fast approaching, a number of entities including Altria Group Inc. and tobacco...

UK Vape Association Launches Underage Vape Sales Prevention Guide

Released in the form of a webinar and a pdf, the UK Vaping Industry Association’s Primary Authority Advice, tackles one of the main challenges...

Australia Retail Association Slams Government Proposal to Sell Vapes in Pharmacies 

The NRA said that the proposal put forward by the government to the Therapeutic Goods Administration, to consider allowing only pharmacies to sell smoke-free...