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What you need to know about Heat-not-Burn (HNB) cigarettes

This is not vaping... Together with e-cigarettes, HNB cigarettes provide an alternative to combustible cigarettes for smokers who don't want or can't stop smoking. The...

FDA’s finalized deeming rule: A low blow for vapor products

The finalized version of FDA's Deeming Rule has been released in a 499-page document. Two years, it is the time industry and advocacy groups had to wait...


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Canada: Saskatchewan Retailers Discuss New 20% Vape Tax

The vapour products tax (VPT) on the retail price of all vapour liquids, products and devices will become effective September 1st. As of then,...

Convenience Stores Group Says Menthol Ban is Feeding Black Market

Where menthol cigarettes alone are banned, a 4.8% reduction in smoking rates may be expected.Studies pertaining to flavoured tobacco and nicotine products, have clearly...

Imperial Brands Lowers Next-Generation Product Budget Following Losses

In 2020, Imperial’s NGP sales fell 27%, prompting a 124 million pound ($170 million) writedown on the business. To offset this loss, the company...