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France: The Ecig officially recognized in tobacco harm reduction

"A non-negligible proportion of e-cigarette users significantly reduced the harmful effects of tobacco combustion" About thirty experts were invited at the French Ministry of Health's building...

American Cancer Society changes its position on e-cigarettes

In a position statement released on it’s website, the ACS rightly pointed out that while smoking is responsible for the deaths of millions, current...


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Experts Discuss The Relative Benefits of E-Cigarettes

This year a number of E-Cigarette Summits were held virtually due to the current COVID-19 restrictions. One such event was the Burning Issues: The...

UK: ASH Calls For Smoking Cessation Training for Mental Health Staff

Data gathered across the globe keep indicating that mental health patients are more likely to smoke than individuals who do not suffer from psychological...

The US’s Concern About Disposable E-Cigarette Use Among Youth 

The NYTS is a cross-sectional, school-based electronic survey that uses a stratified, three-stage, cluster-sampling design (across counties, schools, and classrooms) to generate a nationally...