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Is vaping halal?

As a foreword, I would say that anyone is free to believe or not. This article is devoted to believers, rubbernecks and to those...

France: The Ecig officially recognized in tobacco harm reduction

"A non-negligible proportion of e-cigarette users significantly reduced the harmful effects of tobacco combustion" About thirty experts were invited at the French Ministry of Health's building...


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UK Study: The Feasibility of Giving Vapes to Smokers in Homeless Centres 

Providing an e-cigarette starter kit to smokers experiencing homelessness was found to be cost effective.While smoking rates in the UK have reached record lows,...

Mexico: Marlboro to Halt Cigar Sales to Instead Promote Safer Alternatives

“We want to have a positive impact on the 15 million smokers in the country. For this reason, we have decided to open the...

Malta: One-Tenth of Medical Students Are Regular Smokers

Data published in the Malta Medical Gazette has indicated that despite the greater health awareness expected from individuals studying to become medical doctors, more...