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France: The Ecig officially recognized in tobacco harm reduction

"A non-negligible proportion of e-cigarette users significantly reduced the harmful effects of tobacco combustion" About thirty experts were invited at the French Ministry of Health's building...

American Cancer Society changes its position on e-cigarettes

In a position statement released on it’s website, the ACS rightly pointed out that while smoking is responsible for the deaths of millions, current...


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E-cigarettes and religion

E-cigarettes and religion At the Vaping Post, we like a challenge. And if there is one challenge that has proved hard to unravel, it is...

New PHE Report Reaffirms That Vaping is a Gateway Out of (Not Into) Smoking 

Those who continue to vilify vaping are simply refuting scientific data.Carried out by researchers at the renowned King’s College London, the PHE’s seventh independent...

Report Funded by Bloomberg Lists Countries Affiliated With Big Tobacco

Japan and Indonesia recieved the worst ranking, in terms of being too accomodating to the tobacco industry.Released by the STOP partnership, the report was...