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Direct Lung (DL) inhalation is generally opposed to Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping.

With this technique, the user inhales the vapor straight down into the lungs, like when taking a deep breathe. This method is commonly associated with sub-ohm vaping, when a larger amount of vapor is produced.

The technique is suited to experienced vapers and provides a more intense hit. It is associated with mods offering subohm characteristics with low resistance coils (<1.0 Ω), high power (>30 W) and a wide drip-tip also referred to as drip-top. It requires rapid inhalation of the vaporized e-liquid at higher temperature than MTL. The throat hit is more intense so e-liquids may contain less PG, more VG and low nicotine strength (between 0 and 7 mg/ml). Experienced vapers dilute e-juices with pure VG to compensate for more intense throat hit.

The “+”:

  • More powerful than MTL
  • Produces bigger clouds
  • Allows vape tricks and cloud chasing

The “-“:

  • Uses more juice
  • Adds risks:
    • Hot vapor is more aggressive to epithelial cells,
    • Requires lower PG and nicotine strength to avoid harsh throat hits
    • Needs regulated temperature and watch juice supply to avoid dry burns.
  • Less relaxed and casual than MTL


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