Term : MTL vaping

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Mouth To Lung (MTL) is generally opposed to Direct Lung (DL) inhalation.

MTL is regarded as most similar to smoking a cigarette. The action is similar to sucking on a straw. As vapor remains in the mouth for longer, the flavour is more apparent and the effect is more subtle because the user can also inhale extra air to dilute the vapor.

The technique is suited to beginners and casual vapers, it works best with mods that use high ohm coils (>1.0 Ω), low power (<20 W) and a narrow drip-tip. E-liquids may contain more PG and a various range of nicotine strength.

When a subohm device is used MTL, the vapor gets hot and the vape inconfortable.

The “+”:

  • Uses less juice
  • Reduces the risk of the vape becoming too hot.
  • Similar to way cigarette and cigar smoke is inhaledThe overall sensation is more gentle than DLI, making it more suitable for beginners and casual vapers.
  • The method offers the best rendering of flavors

The “-“:

  • Weaker than direct lung inhalation, less intense, and arguably less satisfying.
  • Associated with inferior technology since the latest releases focus on subohm vaping.


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