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The Relationship between E-Cigarette Use and Smoking Cessation

The data for this study were collected from the 2014/15 Tobacco Use Supplement-Current Population Survey (TUS-CPS) on cigarette and e-cigarette use, and individual characteristics...

Former-Smoking E-Cig Users Could Help Current Smokers Switch

The study titled "Advice From Former-Smoking E-Cigarette Users to Current Smokers on How to Use E-Cigarettes as Part of an Attempt to Quit Smoking," which...

Perspectives on E-Cigarettes of Staff at UK Stop Smoking Services

The study which was published on BMC’s Harm Reduction Journal last month, investigated perspectives on the use of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation, by staff...

Ex-Smokers Who Quit Vaping Are Likely to Relapse Back to Smoking

The study was conducted by the Institute of Global Health, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Geneva in Switzerland, and published in the...