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Diane Caruana
In-house journalist covering international vaping news.

NNA UK to join the battle against the snus ban

Last Tuesday, we published an article about the NNA’s plan to appear in front of the High Court asking for permission to join the...

FDA releases a guidance document relevant to free samples

Following the implementation of the FDA’s deeming rule last August, retailers selling “tobacco products” (electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco), are not allowed...

NNA asking for permission to intervene on the SNUS ban

An article published on the NNA's website last week, pointed out that the tobacco alternative which is very popular in Sweden and Norway, is...

BAT agrees to pay $49 billion to take over Reynolds

After being in discussion for months, British American Tobacco (BAT), and Reynolds American, have agreed on a price for the merger that will create...

WHO : The world economy losing over $1 trillion yearly over...

Last Tuesday on January the 10th, the U.S. National Cancer Institute released a study in collaboration with The World Health Organization (WHO), which found...

New York : Vaping in public spaces remains illegal

The plaintiffs were New York City C.L.A.S.H. (Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment) and Russell Wishtart, a vaping show radio host. Their argument was that...

Irish report examining cost effectiveness of e-cigarettes

The health technology assessment (HTA), examining the cost effectiveness of the products was released last Thursday and is the first of its kind in...

The impact of California’s new licensing fee

Besides paying a tax as per Proposition 56, as of this month all vape shop owners will also be required to pay a new state licence...

USA: Former director at CDC commends e-cigs for smoking cessation

In his tweet, Erikson retweeted and commented about a status from a vaping advocate which talked about ex-smokers helping current smokers quit the deadly habit...

UK: Data commending e-cigs as smoking cessation tools

According to an article on Immortal News, the data derived from this study which had been published on BMJ a few months back, suggests...