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Following on from our guide on e-cigarettes, below you will find answers to smokers’ or vapers’ most frequently asked questions: How do you vape? Can you vape at work? What is smooth vaping? While it might seem absurd or profound, as a famous man once said, “there is no such thing as a stupid question”, so feel free to ask us any questions, we will do our best to answer.

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Is vaping Kosher?

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Vaping is a huge topic. If you hang around vaping forums or Facebook groups, you will quickly realise that everyone has their own view. This is entirely to be expected as vaping is, first and foremost, a community tool. Each smoker can adapt their vaping style to their needs and configure their set-up specifically based on their personal requirements. In this way, one person might like a particular clearomizer, and someone else might steer clear from it. The same applies for e-liquids. Any discussions about taste will be highly subjective, and it is very difficult to rationalise all the information.

Many vapers set out looking for the perfect set-up and liquid. Which e-cigarette brand is the best? Which e-liquid is the best? At the Vaping Post, we are brave enough to try to answer these questions, but we do not claim to offer the truth. Because one thing is certain, vaping is a matter of taste. It is the multitude of flavours and possible set-ups that makes this aid so appealing for smokers. Its strength lies in its variety, and at the Vaping Post, we would like to stress that point. So we are sharing our experience with you, and will try to give you the most accurate information possible based on our own viewpoint.

The importance of the community

As mentioned above, e-cigarettes are, first and foremost, a community-driven movement. It emerged in 2008 on social media and on the Internet in general. The smokers at the time who had started trying this aid very soon felt the need to share their experience with others, and add to the wealth of knowledge on this topic to understand it better. Not all the websites found today were around at the time. Therefore, it was necessary to visit forums to try to find answers to your questions.

These community discussions have helped vaping achieve technical progress, but have also been helpful socially and politically. Therefore, you shouldn’t hold back on your discussions, whether they are in real life or on the Internet, to share your experience with others, and help them, but also to enhance your own knowledge and make the beacon of hope that this aid represents for public health become a reality. Tobacco use causes the premature death of one out of every two smokers; it is up to vapers to help improve public health by sharing our own story and through public communication.

Your store, the best way to get answers quickly

Over the last 10 years, the vaping sector has improved considerably. There are now even specific training courses for those working in e-cigarette retail. Specialist vaping stores, or vape shops, are the perfect place to get information. Unlike a tobacconist’s, sellers can take the time to give you a detailed explanation of how your e-cigarette works and give you a summary to the key points that you need to know. While some tobacconists devote a considerable area of their shop to vaping products, it is nonetheless preferable to opt for specialist stores, and what could be more natural than going to a vaping store to buy your vaping device? The temptation to buy cigarettes at the tobacconists may be considerable, particularly if you have only quit recently.

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