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France: The Ecig officially recognized in tobacco harm reduction

"A non-negligible proportion of e-cigarette users significantly reduced the harmful effects of tobacco combustion" About thirty experts were invited at the French Ministry of Health's building...

American Cancer Society changes its position on e-cigarettes

In a position statement released on it’s website, the ACS rightly pointed out that while smoking is responsible for the deaths of millions, current...


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The US’s Concern About Disposable E-Cigarette Use Among Youth 

The NYTS is a cross-sectional, school-based electronic survey that uses a stratified, three-stage, cluster-sampling design (across counties, schools, and classrooms) to generate a nationally...

Public Health Experts on Why Canada’s Proposed Nicotine Cap Would be Counterproductive

Until only a couple of years ago, Canada was on the right trajectory in terms of tobacco harm reduction, and had fully endorsed the...
girl vaping with a ringlight in the background

Music Videos Are Being Used To Promote Youth Vaping: USC Studies

Two new studies conducted by public health researchers at USC claim that music videos depicting the use of vaping and electronic cigarettes could indirectly...