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We are independent of the tobacco industry

Our position regarding the presence of the tobacco industry in the world of vaping:

  • Tobacco kills one in two smokers
  • The vape is a social tool to fight against smoking
  • Vaping is opposed to smoked tobacco like all other methods of weaning
  • Companies that manufacture vaping products and continue to make tobacco cigarettes are not public health allies
  • We support the independent vape manufacturers not affiliated with the tobacco industry

At the Vaping Post, like many around the world, we stopped smoking thanks to vaping. We consider that these products are opposing alternatives to combustible cigarettes because they allow smokers to break away from their deadly consumption habit.

This revolutionary tool owes its genesis to a robust social movement, which was initially developed on the Internet in 2008. The collaborative agreement between the manufacturers and the consumers of the time quickly made it possible to evolve these products and make them more efficient. A network of specialized brick and mortar and online retailers were then established throughout Europe and the United States, further anchoring this product in our society.

After several years and many political and media struggles, vaping has finally entered the mainstream and is increasingly being recognized as a true ally in the fight against tobacco use. Today, vaping helps millions of smokers who use it to quit smoking. As a result, the decline in tobacco sales is accelerating where these products are politically welcomed.

The vaping sector has always managed on its own. Without significant investments from outside sources nor acquisitions accustomed in modern capitalism, the industry has disrupted the well-established orders of big tobacco cartels.

The tobacco industry derives its business from addiction. It is one of the most cynical business models in the world. The combustible tobacco cigarette is an extremely profitable invention that fattens the coffers of governments all over the world and kills a smoker every 6 seconds. Traditional cigarette manufacturers have no moral recourse and follow only one rule: Achieve profits at any cost.

Today, the big tobacco companies are manufacturing electronic cigarettes claiming to want to reduce the harm of tobacco while continuing to sell traditional cigarettes. Do you think these companies suddenly want to see improved health? Are they new partners in public health?

At the Vaping Post, we believe that strong ethics and core values must accompany the shift from cigarettes to vaping. By refusing advertising requests from companies that manufacture traditional cigarettes, we reject companies that have knowingly killed their customers and continue to do so without a care. If Big Tobacco companies want to become allies in public health, they must stop their cigarette production, even in developing countries, where they continue their heinous marketing.

We encourage you to make sense of your consumption habits, and if you find yourself in front of an electronic cigarette made by a tobacco manufacturer, you know what to do. By support the independent vaping industry, you preserve the anti-smoking values ​​that make these tools an invaluable hope in improving modern public health.