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What you need to know about Heat-not-Burn (HNB) cigarettes

This is not vaping... Together with e-cigarettes, HNB cigarettes provide an alternative to combustible cigarettes for smokers who don't want or can't stop smoking. The...

FDA’s finalized deeming rule: A low blow for vapor products

The finalized version of FDA's Deeming Rule has been released in a 499-page document. Two years, it is the time industry and advocacy groups had to wait...


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US Vape Stores: The Media Hurt the Vaping Industry More Than COVID-19

This year’s US Vape Store Survey from ECigIntelligence, a leading provider of global market and regulatory news, for the vape sector worldwide, has clearly...

IBVTA Partners With WorldNet Payments Following Issues With PayPal

In the UK, vaping products are widely endorsed as smoking cessation and harm reduction tools. However, with regards to the covid-related lockdowns, vape shops...

Bantam Spokesperson Sheds Light on PMTA Process

In 2016, the FDA had announced that as per the amended Family Smoking Prevention & Tobacco Control Act, all tobacco products, a term which...