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The Aegis Solo 2 S100 box by Geek Vape is a great solution that combines good performance and strong build quality. Powered by an 18650 battery, its chipset is reliable and easy to adjust.

The display is bright and easy to read in spite of the small size of the box. The main advantage of the Aegis Solo is its superb sturdiness. Protected almost all over by tough rubber, this box is ready for the challenges of everyday life. They’ve thought about the design too, combining over-stitched leather and coloured plastic. The battery cap is easy to screw into place and is guaranteed to stay closed under any circumstances. This box is solid, easy to use, comfortable to hold and reliable. It’s a great product!

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What exactly is a box mod?

Quite simply, a box mod is the battery in an e-cigarette. The clearomizer holds the e-liquid and makes vapour, and the box mod houses the battery (which is actually rechargeable) and the fire button. While this would have adequately described a box mod 10 years ago, they’ve changed considerably since then to meet user demand. Nowadays there are hundreds of designs on the market, and many of them rely heavily on electronics to improve user experience.

Even though some models are very easy to use, you still need to read the user manual carefully before you start. As is often the case with e-cigarettes, newer models aren’t always better than the older ones. It really depends on what you’re looking for. Although there’s a vast range of box mods out there, your choice ultimately still boils down to a few essential criteria.

Built-in or removable battery?

All box mods are powered by a rechargeable battery. Ordinary batteries aren’t powerful enough and won’t last long enough. There are two main types of batteries: first, built-in batteries. They are sealed inside the box so you can’t access them, like most mobile phones nowadays.

Built-in batteries have several advantages. You don’t have to buy them separately from the box, and you can recharge them inside the box via a standard USB cord. They’re also smaller, which lets manufacturers reduce the overall box size. On the other hand, you can’t replace them during the day if the box runs out of battery, so you need to keep an eye on your battery level and remember to charge your box!

When it comes to removable batteries, you can obviously replace them yourself. They look like big batteries, and the most common size is the 18650. They offer a long battery life, you can charge them in the box or in an external charger, and you can replace them whenever they run out. However, they’re sold separately, and you must always carry them in a protective case.

Battery sizes

Most boxes with removable batteries use 18650 batteries. These are standard batteries. The number 18 denotes their diameter in millimetres, 65 is their length, and 0 means they’re cylindrical. Single battery boxes use just one, and of course dual-battery boxes take two. This means that they can deliver higher power and have double the battery life, even though they are smaller.

The 21700 format is also now commonly used in e-cigarettes, although far less widely. These larger batteries also offer superior performance when it comes to power and battery life. They’re almost always used as single batteries because two would make a box very cumbersome. Most boxes that use 21700 batteries can also use the 18650 type with a small adapter, which is usually included.

Electronic or mechanical?

The biggest difference is whether a box is electronic or mechanical. Electronic boxes are by far the most common. They use an electronic circuit to manage how much power is sent to the atomizer, and protect the device in the event of a short circuit, for example. That means you can use them with any clearomizer. You just adjust the power level to suit the coil you’re using. They also manage battery output to make the charge last longer.

Mechanical mods don’t use any electronic circuits. They fire via a simple mechanical switch, and they have no built-in security if they malfunction. The vaping power you use with a mech depends on the coil you’ve installed and the battery charge. Their design is simpler, but you really need to know how to use one to vape in complete safety. They’re really reserved for passionate amateurs who know how to use these types of products.

Frequently asked questions about mods

How much does a box cost?

Expect to pay from 40 to 70 Euro on average for models aimed at the general public, although prices depend on a range of factors. For example, a box made by hand by a modder will usually cost several hundred Euro, while a model from a factory production line will be far cheaper.

What’s the best box?

After extensive testing by our experts, they’ve named the Aegis Solo 2 S100 by Geekvape the “best box on the market in 2021”.

Should I buy a box with one battery or two?

A dual-battery box will have a much better battery life than a single battery box, but a single battery means a smaller box. A single battery box will last you a day at work as long as you don’t use it at high power. On the other hand, if you want to get into cloud chasing and vape at high power, you’ll need a dual or even triple battery box. You could also just get a single battery box and keep a charged battery with you. That way you can switch them when the one in your box runs out. If you go for this option, remember to store the battery in a dedicated case to prevent it from being damaged when you’re on the go.

What’s the difference between an integrated battery box and a box with removable batteries?

There’s no difference between these types of boxes. If you use a box with removable batteries, you can buy new batteries after a few months to get better battery life. You can’t do that with a built-in battery box, so boxes with removable batteries theoretically have a longer lifespan.

What size of box mod should I choose?

The box size you choose largely depends on how you want to use it. Are you looking for a small model or something less discreet? Do you want a single or dual-battery box? Just remember – the smaller the box, the shorter the battery life.

What power should I use with my box?

You have to match the power you use with your box to the coil. If you use your box with a clearomizer, all you need to do is check the range of use recommended by the coil manufacturer. You can find it in the user manual and it will also be marked on the coil. If you make your own coils, try a few different powers and choose the one you like best.

Do I have to clean my box?

Yes, just as you would clean any other object you use on a daily basis. However, box mods use electronic components so you have to remove the batteries first. Then use a damp – not wet – cloth to clean the surfaces and the screen.

Are all boxes equally good?

Yes, all boxes manufactured today are of the same quality. Just make sure to check that your box will work with your vaping style. For example, not all boxes have a temperature control mode (TC).

My box features several modes. Which one should I use?

The average vaper generally uses classic mode, also known as power mode. If all you want is to vape the easiest way possible, just ignore the other modes.

Can I use my atomizer, clearomizer or dripper with my new box?

Yes, if your existing kit has a standard 510 pin it will work perfectly with your new box.

The box I’m considering is “mechanical”. Does that make any difference?

Yes, mechanical boxes are very different from electronic ones. They are really only recommended for experienced vapers who know Ohm’s law inside out and are looking to vape with this type of equipment. Unlike electronic boxes, mechanical boxes have no built-in safety features. We would therefore recommend that you avoid them until you understand all the procedures you have to follow to vape in complete safety. In general, mechanical boxes are reserved for a tiny minority of vapers. To find out more about this topic, we recommend that you read our Guide to mechanical mods.

How long will a box last?

It’s difficult to estimate the lifespan of any electronic part, so we can’t say with any certainty how long a box will last. But rest assured – most manufacturers offer a two-year guarantee on their models.

What do all the little symbols on the screen of my box mean?

The screen on a box usually displays several pictograms showing the remaining battery charge, the coil value (in Ohm), the voltage (in Volts), the power (in Watts) and the temperature (in degrees Celsius). Some models also show how many puffs you’ve taken or what the time is. Since every model is different, we can’t really answer this question in detail.

Do I have to charge my box with a micro USB cable?

For boxes with built-in batteries you do. It’s the only way to charge the battery in your box since you can’t remove it. However, if you have a box with removable batteries, you can use an external charger to charge them. That often works much better than the micro-USB cable it comes with.

Can I vape with my box while it’s charging?

Yes, most boxes nowadays let you vape while they charge.

What is the switch?

The switch is just the button you press to activate the box. It’s the button you press when you vape.

Can a box receive updates?

Yes, your box may well need updates and some manufacturers offer them from time to time to improve chipset performance. Don’t worry though, these updates are very rare. You won’t have to check for updates every day like you would with a phone application, for example.

What is the chipset?

The chipset is the electronic module that’s built into the box so it can operate, a bit like a motherboard in a computer. The chipset lets you adjust the power or change mode when you use your box.