Best vape clearomizers

The Coolfire Z60 by Innokin is an excellent combination to get started in vaping or to develop your vaping style.

The box has no defects and is ideal for use up to 60 W.

The Zlide Top doesn’t leak and delivers excellent flavours, whether you vape at low power or want to produce lots of vapour.

A kit that has it all !

Best Vape Clearomizer For Direct Inhalation

Best Vape Clearomizer For MTL

Best Vape All-round Clearomizer

What type of clearomizer should I choose?

Directe and indirecte inhalation Indirect inhalation is like smoking a tobacco cigarette – you breathe in through your mouth and then draw the vapour into your lungs. With direct inhalation, you breathe the vapour directly into your lungs (like smoking a hookah, for example). The two ways to inhale when you vape are direct inhalation and indirect inhalation. The main factor to consider when choosing your clearomizer is whether it’s for direct or indirect inhalation (or both). Direct inhalation means that you have to inhale directly into your lungs, as you do when you breathe. Indirect inhalation is like smoking a tobacco cigarette, first you draw the vapour into your mouth, then inhale into your lungs before blowing it out. Direct inhalation makes much more vapour because you inhale so much more air than with indirect inhalation. To learn more about direct and indirect inhalation, have a look at our article that explains the different ways of inhaling. It’s important to know that direct inhalation exposes you to a lot more vapour than indirect inhalation. Since there are still health risks associated with vaping, please use direct inhalation vaping in moderation. The nicotine level can also cause problems with direct inhalation and irritate your throat if you use an e-liquid with a high nicotine content. If you use direct inhalation, we usually recommend reducing your nicotine level (which might mean you use more e-liquid).

What parts does a clearomizer have?

Explain the parts of the clearomizer tankA clearomizer is an atomizer with a ready-to-use, removable coil, as opposed to a rebuildable atomizer where you have to make the coil yourself. The coil is usually positioned at the base of the clearomizer. Clearomizers are easier to use since you don’t need specific knowledge about how to build coils yourself. Choosing the right clearomizer is essential, as it has a huge impact on your overall vaping experience. When you buy a clearomizer, look carefully at its general quality, its capacity (in millilitres) as that determines how long you can go between refills, and what type of coil it uses (the type of wick). From top to bottom, a clearomizer consists of a mouthpiece, or drip tip, that you put into your mouth to inhale, and a top cap to seal the tank for the e-liquid, which is a small stopper you screw on stop the liquid leaking out. Inside the tank is the tube that rests on the coil and channels the vapour to your mouth. At the base of the clearomizer is the air flow ring, which may or may not be adjustable. You use that to set the air flow, which determines how much vapour you get. It’s much more common now for the air flow ring to be near the top cap, as this helps to prevent any e-liquid leaks. Lastly, under the clearomizer is the connector pin. This screw connects the clearomizer to the battery so electricity from the battery can reach and heat the coil, and evaporate the e-liquid.

How does a clearomizer work?

Schema to explain how does a clearomizer produces vapourThe electric current from the battery passes through the coil wire, which then begins to heat up. This rise in temperature causes the e-liquid to vaporize.

The liquid inside the tank soaks the wicks in the coil.

The wire in the coil then wicks up the e-liquid. Pressing the switch to activate the e-cigarette heats the coil and vaporizes the small amount of e-liquid it’s touching.

In fact, the e-liquid inside the coil is converted into a gas (aerosol), just like when you boil water.

That vapour then rises up the chimney to the drip tip you hold to your lips when you inhale.

How to use a clearomizer

Schema to explain how to fill a clearomizerTo fill the tank of your clearomizer correctly, take care not to pour the e-liquid into the central chimney. Keep it well to the side between the tank wall and the chimney.

To fill a clearomizer with e-liquid, make sure you don’t pour it into the central chimney. That’s where the air comes up as you inhale. It has to go into the tank to the side.

First, unscrew the tank so you can screw the coil onto the base of the clearomizer. Then reattach the glass tank and refill it. Most newer models nowadays fill from the top, which makes this much easier.

Do not pour the e-liquid into the hole in the middle (the chimney)! Make sure it goes into one of the two openings on either side of the chimney. Replace the top cap, then for wait 5 minutes before you use it for the first time. It needs that time to soak the coil, or you risk getting a dry hit. Also called a dry puff, that happens when the wick inside the coil isn’t fully soaked with liquid. If it tastes burnt or bitter, the coil in your clearomizer is probably not getting enough e-liquid.

If you’re using a variable wattage battery, make sure the wattage matches the range of use for your coil. This is shown in watts on the coil. You may have to unscrew it to be able to see the tiny numbers printed on by the manufacturer.

If the flavour deteriorates or it tastes burnt even when the tank is still full, it’s time to change your coil.

Confused by clearomizer jargon?

The words drip tip, tank, coils and air flow might mean nothing to you, but they will really help you to choose the right clearomizer for you. Take a look at our guide to clearomizers to learn all about how this masterpiece of an e-cigarette works!

Have we left your favourite clearomizer off the list?

Although we use specific criteria, our selection is totally arbitrary and based on our own experience. Perhaps your favourite clearomizer is missing from this list? Maybe you disagree with our rankings? That’s fine! We love to talk. Add your favourite clearomizer in the comments box below so other readers can vote too. Whichever clearomizer is most popular now will no doubt find its way onto the list.

Clearomizer FAQ

How much does a clearomizer cost?

The average price of a clearomizer is usually from 10 to 40 Euro.

What is the best clearomizer?

Thanks to extensive testing, our experts can confirm that the best clearomizer of 2021 is the Zenith by Innokin.

What is the difference between a direct and an indirect inhalation clearomizer?

Indirect inhalation involves inhaling the vapour in two stages, first into your mouth and then into your lungs. Direct inhalation involves inhaling the vapour from your e-cigarette straight into your lungs. If you want to vape the way you smoked tobacco cigarettes, you’ll need an indirect, or MTL, clearomizer. Take a look at our guide to different ways of inhaling to find out more about it.

What power should I vape with using my clearomizer?

All you need to do to find out the right power is to look at the coil designed for your clearomizer. The information about what power setting it should be used at ought to be printed on the side. If it shows a power range, choose a power that suits your taste within that range.

Should I clean my clearomizer?

Yes. Keeping your clearomizer clean is important. To clean it properly, you need to unscrew it from your box (or battery), then take out the coil that’s inside it. You can then run the entire clearomizer under lukewarm water to remove any dirt or deposits inside it.

Why is my clearomizer not working?

Usually, a poor battery connection is to blame. Check that the clearomizer coil is screwed on correctly. Use paper towel to dry the connection pads (often coloured gold) too – the one under the clearomizer and the one on the battery.

Can I use any e-liquid with my clearomizer?

Yes, you can use almost any e-liquid with your clearomizer. But do check, because some vapes won’t work with liquids that are too viscous or too thick. That means your clearomizer might not work with e-liquids that have a high vegetable glycerine (VG) content. Your retailer will be able to tell you if your vaping kit can use liquid like that.

Are all clearomizers equally good?

One clearomizer is about as good as another. Some models are considered a safe bet because they’ve been around for so long, but the gap between average and good manufacturers has closed significantly in recent years. Why not look at our tests to learn more about a particular model you might like.

Will I be able to use my new clearomizer with my current battery?

Yes. All clearomizers and batteries now come with a 510 pin, which is the standard vape connector. So your new clearomizer will work perfectly with your box.

How do I choose the right wick for my clearomizer?

Specialized vape stores generally only sell wicks specially designed for use in e-cigarettes. Any of the wicks they sell will work fine, as long as they suit you. Try out a few different ones, and just get the one you like best. Generally speaking, few vapers can really tell the difference between one wick or another when they vape.

How do I choose coils for my clearomizer?

Most clearomizers can only use a few models of coil. When you choose yours, make sure they will work with your model of clearomizer. To be sure, don’t rely on the coil’s name alone – check the list of compatible kit from the retailer.

When should I change the coil in my clearomizer?

If the taste of your e-liquid starts to change, it’s probably time to change your coil. Likewise, you need to replace your coil if the amount of vapour your e-cigarette makes is different from what you are used to.

How do I choose the tank size of my clearomizer?

With a smaller tank size of around 2ml, you can use a smaller, more discreet vape, but you’ll have to refill it during the day if you vape regularly. On the other hand, a bigger 4 or 5 ml tank, for example, is physically larger but will last much longer. It’s up to you to decide, depending on how you intend to use your e-cigarette.

Coils for my clearomizer are expensive. Can I make my own?

No, you can’t make coils for a clearomizer. If you want to make your own coils, you’ll need to buy new kit and use a rebuildable atomizer.