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Latest Study: No, Teen Vaping Does not Lead to Smoking

Published by Oxford University Press, this new study has indicated what many anti-tobacco experts have been insisting on for years: smoking is not a...

US Study Explores Juul Nicotine Effects Amongst Users

The study titled, “I wake up and hit the JUUL: Analyzing Twitter for JUUL Nicotine Effects and Dependence,” indicated that 1 out of every...

Piloting Recycling Programs to Target E-Cigarette Waste

“E-waste is a huge problem globally. Anytime we make something that is disposable, we’re essentially stealing from the future,” said Yogi Hale Hendlin from...

US Study: Vaping Bans Are Detrimental to Public Health

The study titled, “Inclusion of electronic nicotine delivery systems in indoor smoke-free air policies and associated vaping behavior,” was carried out by researchers at...


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