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Recent Studies Link Vaping to Increased Odds of Asthma and COPD

Two studies: one published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine last month, and a previous one in BMC Pulmonary Medicine last October, both...

UK Study: Switching From Smoking to Vaping Improves Heart Health 

"By switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes we found an average percentage point improvement of 1.5 within just one month," said professor of cardiovascular medicine...

Increase in US adults Who Consider E-Cigs More Harmful Than Cigarettes 

Conducted by tobacco researchers from Georgia State University's School of Public Health, the study indicated that just like earlier research which had found an...

Cardiac Health Experts Call for a Global Ban on Vapes

In what many will consider the latest warning against e-cigarettes, the study titled, “Short-term e-cigarette vapour exposure causes vascular oxidative stress and dysfunction: evidence...


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