Below you will find the list of articles concerning studies relating directly or indirectly to e-cigarettes: their use, users, efficacy, or their absolute or relative toxicity compared to smoked tobacco. There are currently hundreds of studies on e-cigarettes, and all concede almost without exception that it helps reduce risks for tobacco smokers.

In our beginner’s guide, we provide a summary of the key things that you need to know if you are wondering about the health effects of vaping. For further detail, all of our articles on the scientific aspects of e-cigarettes are available below.

Featured vape studies

Key points in relation to studies

E-cigarettes are a means to reduce risks for smokers. They are not completely risk-free. The Department of Health in the UK is of the view that they help reduce the risks of smoked tobacco by approximately 95%.

Latest science articles

New Study Confirms That Vapour Causes Less Cellular Damage Than Smoke

Exposure to cigarette smoke caused significant changes in gene expression, while e-cigarette vapour generated only a minimal response.Titled, “Acute electronic vapour product whole aerosol...

The Relationship Between Smoking And Mental Well-Being

People who quit smoking had a greater reduction in anxiety, depression, and symptoms of stress, than those who did not.A recent review has indicated...

Another Study Indicates The Effectiveness of E-Cigs in Smoking Cessation Treatment

The study titled, “Electronic cigarettes in standard smoking cessation treatment by tobacco counselors in Flanders: E-cigarette users show similar if not higher quit rates...

Smokers Are More at Risk of COVID-Like Symptoms, But Less Likely to Contract The Infection

The study titled, "Current smoking and COVID-19 risk: results from a population symptom app in over 2.4 million people," had concluded that smokers are...


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