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Australian Study Aims to Determine The Effects of Vaping on Lung...

The most common reasons why people take up vaping are to quit smoking and/or to reduce harm.Led by researcher Dean Mills, the study will...

Vape Juice Contaminants And Why E-Liquid Quality Is Important

Not all vape juice manufactures adhere to the same manufacturing standards. The cleanliness of their manufacturing facilities, the ingredients that they use, and the...

Ex-Smoking COPD Patients Who Switched to Vaping Experienced Long-Term Benefits

The participants who switched to vaping reported a reduction of about 50% in flare ups, a significantly improved cardio-respiratory health, and increased exercise ability...

Studies Analysing the Effect of Heated Tobacco Systems on Indoor Air Quality

"..the use of THS resulted in the lowest concentrations of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, PM2.5 among majority researched pollution sources ."Scientific studies published in...


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