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Are Vapers More Likely to Contract COVID-19?

A recent article on Time has rightly pointed out that media coverage about a possible link between vaping and COVID-19 has increased. On its...

Dental Expert Advises Smokers to Switch to E-Cigs to Prevent Oral Cancer

“We warn our patients who are smokers that smoking is the leading cause of oral cancer and strongly advise them to quit smoking. For...

Another Study Suggests That E-Cig Taxes Just Encourage Regular Smoking

Every 10% increase in e-cigarette prices, dropped e-cig sales by 26%, and increased traditional cigarette sales by 10%.Titled, “The Effects of E-Cigarette Taxes on...

Scottish Study: E-Cigs May Be Helping Disadvantaged Smokers Quit

Led by the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the University of Glasgow, this study highlighted once again that e-cigarettes are effective...


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