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Wales Study: The Increase in Vaping has not Normalized Smoking

The study led by Cardiff University researchers, was conducted in collaboration with academics from Edinburgh, Stirling, Glasgow and Bristol, and analysed data from three...

Study finds that Asia’s Smoking Rates are Still Rising

The recent study, led by researchers from Vanderbilt University, USA, looked at trends in tobacco use in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and...

Perceptions of Harm from Vaping vs Smoking Amongst US Adults

As the title suggests, the study titled, “Changing Perceptions of Harm of e-Cigarette vs Cigarette Use Among Adults in 2 US National Surveys From...

Canadian Study Looks into Nicotine Consumption During Pregnancy

The study titled, “In utero exposure to nicotine abolishes the postnatal response of the cardiac sodium current to isoproterenol in newborn rabbit atrium,” was...


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