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The CDC Finally Confirms That EVALI is Caused by Illegal THC...

In a post on his blog page, Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at Boston University’s  School of Public Health, Dr. Michael...

A chemist’s advice: Don’t Dry-Burn your coil

A dry burn takes place when a lot of power is applied to a bare coil in order to heat it and "clean it...


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Ottawa’s Tobacco Tax Should Reflect The Relative Risks of Different Products

Given the relative safety of vapes, if teens are vaping instead of smoking, this is still a victory for public health.Currently no such tax...
Lady Justice

Tobacco Control Groups Condemn Vuse FDA Approval

Tobacco control groups condemn the FDA's Vuse approval. WASHINGTON — Tobacco control groups including the Campaign for Tobacco Free-Kids announced that it still condemns the...
FDA menthol ban

Swiss Parliament Rejects Blanket Bans on Menthols and Adverts

In line with arguments by countless health experts, research has shown that Canada’s menthol ban has had a positive effect on local smoking cessation...