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Are Malaysian vapers facing the same fate as their Australian neighbours?

If the Malaysian government had to regulate and classify vaping products as pharmaceutical products, would Malaysia end up facing the same challenges as Australia?...

Representative of BAT to speak at EuroScience Open Forum 2016

Trani shared her thoughts about the negative consequences of having different rules in different jurisdictions, will have on the industry, namely on small businesses...

The facts about the risks of Nicotine ingestion in children

Chicago Fire Department identified the lozenges as “Niquitin Minis”, which are over the counter lozenges smokers use when trying to quit smoking. One of...

Finland to discuss e-cigarette tax implementation next Autumn

Following a statement by eight EU member countries that they would apply a tax to e-cigarettes as from 2017, Finland is planning to discuss...

Vaping should be supported at work places insists the PHE

The PHE is urging bosses to provide vapers with extra break times, as vaping delivers a lower amount of nicotine than smoking, therefore they...

Altria urges FDA to ease on regulations

Professor Michael Siegel who lectures for the Department of Health Sciences at Boston University School of Public Health, and possesses 25 years worth of...

An appeal to base vaping policies on health prevention

“IDHDP is a global network of medical doctors that supports drug policies based on the health of individuals and society.” The organization encourages medical...

Vaping industry thriving in South Africa

The e-cigarette industry in South Africa is going from strength to strength as smokers are switching to vaping in a bid to quit smoking....