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US Study: Casual Smokers May be Equally Addicted to Nicotine 

85% of the daily cigarette smokers and 35% of those who smoked casually were addicted to nicotine.In a not so distant past, only smokers...

US Study Explores Juul Nicotine Effects Amongst Users

The study titled, “I wake up and hit the JUUL: Analyzing Twitter for JUUL Nicotine Effects and Dependence,” indicated that 1 out of every...

FDA Issues ANPRM About the Role of Nicotine in Tobacco Addiction

“The ANPRM being issued today provides a wide-ranging review of the current scientific understanding about the role nicotine plays in creating or sustaining addiction...

Research finds link between teen smoking and alcoholism in adults

The presence of a link between nicotine and alcohol consumption has been known for a while. “Previously, it was believed that the mere consumption...