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New Study Examines Relationship Between Nicotine Withdrawal And Eating Habits

Study participants in nicotine withdrawal, opted for food high in calories, salt, fat and sugar.Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are known to be experienced differently by...

The Relationship Between Vaping and Mental Health

Smokers on psychotropic drugs tend to need higher doses of nicotine.Some studies have indicated that when adolescents consume nicotine, given that their brains are...

US Study: Casual Smokers May be Equally Addicted to Nicotine 

85% of the daily cigarette smokers and 35% of those who smoked casually were addicted to nicotine.In a not so distant past, only smokers...

US Study Explores Juul Nicotine Effects Amongst Users

The study titled, “I wake up and hit the JUUL: Analyzing Twitter for JUUL Nicotine Effects and Dependence,” indicated that 1 out of every...

FDA Issues ANPRM About the Role of Nicotine in Tobacco Addiction

“The ANPRM being issued today provides a wide-ranging review of the current scientific understanding about the role nicotine plays in creating or sustaining addiction...

Research finds link between teen smoking and alcoholism in adults

The presence of a link between nicotine and alcohol consumption has been known for a while. “Previously, it was believed that the mere consumption...