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Numerous Think Tanks Worldwide Have Been Helping Big Tobacco

According to a Guardian investigation published last month, Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco (BAT), Japan Tobacco, Altria and Reynolds American have all have...

Altria Said to Be Seeking Minority Stake in Juul Labs

Earlier this week, an article on The New York Times reported that Juul Labs and Altria are in talks, and that if a deal...

BAT Will Not Hit Target Sales of Safer Alternatives

BAT has cut 10% off its target for revenue from electronic and noncombustible cigarettes, as  it forecasts 900 million pounds ($1.2 billion). This loss...

Tobacco Stocks Jump Following FDA Warning to E-Cig Companies

Last Wednesday, the FDA announced that it issued over a 1,000 warning letters to U.S. retailers and manufacturers of e-cigarettes, in what the agency...

Malaysia: Big Tobacco Says That Cigarette Tax Will Boost Illegal Trade

As of Aug 29th, a 10% tax has been implemented on cigarettes, which will naturally cause existing prices to increase. In response to this,...

Big Tobacco Accused of Paying Influencers to Advertise Cigarettes

The findings were published online and detailed in a petition sent to the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), by nine leading public health and...

New Research Suggests that Big Tobacco Facilitates Tobacco Smuggling

The studies which were published in the BMJ journal, Tobacco Control, and supported by grants from Cancer Research UK, have indicated that besides the...

Tobacco Companies’ Websites to Feature Anti-Smoking Warnings

The United States had been lagging behind other countries where it comes to smoking related warnings. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration...