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UK Vape Shops to Reopened Last Week

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, most specialist online vape retailers had remodelled their retail operations to sell their products online and offer home-deliveries. Most...

Free Webinar Today: “COVID-19 and the science of nicotine”

Konstantinos E. Farsalinos, M.D., needs no introduction amongst tobacco harm reduction advocates. An ex-smoker, cardiologist and research fellow at the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center...

South Africa’s COVID-19 Tobacco Ban Has Backfired As Predicted

The bans on tobacco products and alcohol sales announced in March, sadly included safer alternatives such as e-cigarettes and snus. Naturally this had many...

SA’s E-Cig Industry Demands Disassociation From Tobacco Sector 

On the 27th of March, South African authorities banned the sales of cigarettes as part of the current COVID-19 lockdown. Subsequently as restrictions were...

UK Survey: Millions Are Smoking More Due to the COVID-19 Crisis

Responses to the Guardian appeal for feedback about smoking behaviour during the current crises cited heightened anxiety and stress as reasons for increased smoking....

UK: IBVTA Issues Guidance on Reopening Vape Shops Safely

The IBVTA is the only trade association in the UK focused on the independent vape industry, which by definition (being independent of affiliations with...

New Zealand Reopens Vape Shops

“Having a ‘bricks and mortar’ presence will remain critical as people love to interact with retail staff, see product, and seek advice,” says Ben...

Are E-Cig Restrictions Undermining Efforts to Fight COVID-19?

An article on the Washington Times points out that anti-vaping entities are doing their utmost to capitalize on the infamous EVALI outbreak, by stating...

BAT: Potential COVID-19 Plant Based Vaccine Ready for Human Trials

Kentucky BioProcessing (KBP), an American subsidiary of the British tobacco company BAT, has been working on a potential vaccine against COVID-19. Last month, BAT...

Colorado: Smoke-Free Alliance Members Start Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer

In Colorado, where vape stores were deemed non-essential businesses, the vaping industry is struggling. Manufacturer Jvapes E-liquid, has had to lay off staff due...