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Oregon Measure Proposing E-Cig Tax is Up For Voting

“A "yes" vote supports the measure to increase taxes on tobacco products and inhalant delivery systems (such as e-cigarettes) to fund the state's Medical...

Oregon Health Authority Recommends E-Cig Restrictions to Protect Youth

The proposed changes would ban flavoured products and harmful additives, increas e-cig prices, set in place a tobacco retail licensure, and ban online e-cig...

Oregon Considers Ban on Additives in THC Vaping Products

Last October, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, had announced a temporary ban on all flavoured vaping products. “My first priority is to safeguard the health...

Oregon Ban On Flavoured Vape Products Put on Hold

The CDC has now confirmed that the infamous lung disease is linked to the consumption of illegal THC products. Last October, Oregon Governor Kate Brown,...

Oregon Announces Temporary Ban On Flavored Vaping Products

“My first priority is to safeguard the health of all Oregonians,” said Brown. “By keeping potentially unsafe products off of store shelves and out...