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Minnesota Finally Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is now legal in Minnesota. SAINT PAUL — Democratic Gov. Tim Walz signed into law medical marijuana legislation, making Minnesota the latest state...

State High Court Overturns Marijuana Legalization Bill In Mississippi

The Mississippi Supreme Court voided a voter-ratified medical cannabis measure. JACKSON — Earlier this month, the state Mississippi Supreme Court on Friday struck down a...

Alabama Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Legislation Into Law

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey recently signed a medical marijuana bill into law. MONTGOMERY — Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law a benchmark medical marijuana...

Lawmakers In Kansas Approve Medical Marijuana Legislation In Committee

Lawmakers approved medical marijuana legislation in committee, advancing the proposal to the House floor. TOPEKA — The Kansas House Federal and State Affairs Committee adopted...

Tennessee Lawmakers Advance Medical Marijuana Legislation

Lawmakers in Tennessee advanced medical marijuana legislation through a committee. NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee moved Senate Bill 0667 this past week on...