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Study: Vaping During Pregnancy Affects Offspring Into Adulthood

Published in the “American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology,” the study was conducted using a rat model. Female pregnant rats were exposed to...

Nicotine Consumption in Breastfeeding Rats Linked to Infant Skull Defect

Called craniosynostosis, the condition results from the premature closure of joints, or sutures, that connect sections of the skull and remain flexible early in...

Recent Study Examines The Effect of E-Vapour On Rat Male Fetuses

The study titled, “Effect of Electronic cigarette aerosol Exposure During Gestation and Lactation on Learning and Memory of Adult Male Offspring Rats” is to...

Opinions about vaping during pregnancy

"Maternal vaping increased the risk and severity of allergic asthma in offspring", claims a new study from the University of Technology in Australia. The...