The film “Beyond the Cloud” produced by Vapexpo and co-presented with the Vaping Post will be officially released on social media the 25th of September 2016.

100% free and watchable in its full length on Youtube, the film in which both french and american people take part will include subtitles to make it accessible to everyone.

Beyond the Cloud takes you on a journey to explore vaping and its controversy through different countries including America, France and Switzerland.

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7 years ago

Can’t wait for this film to hit the web! It will be an amazing portrayal of the “great vape debate” – revealing the many complex emotions surrounding this issue. I understand there is an article coming out in a couple months in VAPEmagazine that explains this film’s thematic structure. Either way, I’m looking forward to this film’s release, we need more documentaries besides just “ABillionLives” even though I have the utmost respect for what that filmmaking crew did in order to produce “ABillionLives” – there still needs to be many more documentaries that focus on the act and art of Vaping. Whether they are short films or feature films, we need more! “Who AreThe Vapers?” is a short documentary currently in production that should help capture who the vaper is as an individual. Regardless, “Beyond the Cloud” is a perfect example of what the Vape community needs more of, so excited for this documentary! I’m sure the Vaping community will embrace this film with open arms and hopefully the anti-Vape affiliates will soon develop open minds after viewing this masterpiece. I’m sure “Beyond The Cloud” provides us with a glimpse of a filmmaker’s vision and journey for answers. We need answers more now than ever before!