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Cambodia: Drug Agency Urges Authorities to Enforce Bans on Vapes and HTPs

The NACD has reported receiving information that there are still many locals using and selling the products. The agency who banned the products in...

Vape Company Charged $375,000 For Illegal Sales to Minors

Seven vape retailers were caught violating Washington state's online age verification law, but only one failed to cooperate with the investigation.E-Juice Vapor Inc., was...

IBVTA Responds to UK Tabloids’ Inaccurate Article About Vaping

In response to this “news” the Independent British Vape Trade Association (IBVTA) had highlighted that at that point they were not even aware to...
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Study: Legalizing Marijuana Could Stem Opioid Abuse

A new study by researchers across the country suggests that marijuana legalization could be beneficial in countering widespread opioid abuse. PITTSBURGH — The academic journal...