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What should I do when my e-cigarette shows the “check atomizer” message?

So, your e-cigarette has been working just fine until now but you’re suddenly seeing the “check atomizer” message every time you push the fire button. Why are you seeing this message and what should you do about it?


Time needed: 3 minutes.

Follow these steps to fix the “check atomizer” error:

  1. Clean the clearomizer connector pin

    Start by cleaning the connector (or pin) in your atomizer, clearomizer or dripper with some paper towel. Carefully remove any visible residue.

  2. Clean the battery pin

    Use paper towel to clean the part where the clearomizer pin screws in. You want to remove any e-liquid and or other residue there. Cleaning this thoroughly also means that there’ll better conductivity between the various parts of the e-cigarette.

  3. Check that all parts of your e-cigarette are screwed together tightly

    Check that your atomizer, clearomizer or dripper is firmly screwed to the battery. If they are loose this can cause an error message. But don’t over tighten them or you risk blocking the parts in between them.

  4. Check that your coil is positioned correctly

    Make sure the coil is correctly seated. Take it out and put it back in, just to check. We’d also recommend changing the coil if the message keeps appearing.

Time for a good clean and some checks

Example of the error message “check atomizer” on an e-cigarette battery

Most of the time, the reason for this problem is very simple. It’s because the electronic device, whether it’s a mod, box mod or a pod, can’t connect with the top part of the e-cigarette, i.e. the clearomizer or the atomizer.

To try and fix whatever’s triggering the “check atomizer” message on your e-cigarette, follow the steps explained at the beginning of this article.

If you’re still seeing the “check atomizer” message after you’ve tried them all, try replacing the coil with a new one. Sometimes coils have design faults so they don’t work properly. Finally, if the message continues despite your best efforts, try fitting your battery to a different atomizer or clearomizer.

Battery error

Example of a “battery error” message on an e-cigarette battery

Your box might also display a message that reads “battery error”.

If this happens, use the vape’s reset function to reset it to its original factory settings.
If the problem persists, unfortunately you will have to replace your kit. A battery error message often indicates a problem that is impossible to fix.

So, if your box has a removable battery (e.g. a 18650 type), just replace it. On the other hand, if you can’t just replace the battery, you might be better off trying a new box model.

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