How to avoid my e-cigarette to taste burnt ?

  1. Check your clearomizer

    Check that your clearomizer still contains a suitable level of e-liquid (more than half). If this is not the case, fill it and wait for a few minutes.

  2. Check your battery

    Check the settings on your battery or your mod so as not to overheat your resistance coil. As a general rule, do not exceed 20 Watts on devices for general use. More information in our guide on resistance coils.

  3. Check your resistance

    Replace your coil if the taste persists

  4. Try to vape slowlier

    Allow intervals between puffs to allow the wick on your resistance coil to get the right amount of e-liquid.

The e-liquid that you usually put in the e-cigarette doesn’t taste the same at all. What is worse, the taste clearly has a burnt tinge to it. It is high time you solved this problem as you might end up with a dry hit.

It is very important to pay heed to the flavour of your e-cigarette. It is based on the aromatic composition of the e-liquid obviously, but also on the quality of the resistance coil that you use. The more you use your e-cigarette, the more clogged up your resistance coil will get. This phenomenon is especially the case when your e-liquid is very sweet, for example. However, it is necessary to be particularly mindful of a phenomenon that all vapers dread.

If the wick on your resistance coil doesn’t get the right amount of e-liquid, then the coil could overheat and produce an abnormal level of potentially toxic compounds in the vapour (aldehydes). Your wick could burn if there is a problem with the liquid supply. This must be avoided at all costs, and you should stop vaping immediately.

In any event, never push the matter if your e-cigarette really has a burnt taste. This means that something is not right and the problem needs to be resolved at all costs. By following the steps described above, you should be able to solve your problem easily.

Finally, if you think that e-cigarettes are ultimately much too complicated and that they will never work for you, don’t give up. There is the right fit out there for everyone. The most important thing is to get away from the harmful effects of tobacco and give up cigarette smoke completely. You need to take your time and try out different devices, your health will thank you for quitting tobacco completely. Bear that in mind!

If you are completely new to the world of vaping, don’t forget to consult our guides. They are intended for you.

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