Best flavour dripper

The best flavours across all categories

In spite of its name, the Asgard Mini is a 25mm diameter dripper.

It has won our prize for best dripper, thanks to the quality of its finish, its ease of assembly and its excellent flavour rendering.

Intended for high-powered direct inhalation, it makes dense vapour and delivers really well-defined, balanced flavours.

It’s perfect.

The Holy Grail of flavour rendering

Flavour drippers are without doubt the most demanding vape type for manufacturers and modders alike. They are aimed exclusively at enthusiasts, partly because they are rebuildable so require that expertise, and because enthusiasts are constantly demanding more. The best is just not good enough – it is the absolute minimum requirement – and any compromise is out of the question. Only the bravest players dare get into this game!

Drippers get the best flavours out of your e-liquids

E-liquid manufacturers are hugely creative, so it would be a shame to miss out on any of their many subtleties. So, why not give drippers a try? Those famous tankless atomizers are specially designed to deliver every flavour in a great liquid.

Passionate about flavour

For passionate fans, the quest for the best flavours is endless. Drippers are still your best chance of getting anywhere near that goal. Whether they are perpetual perfectionists or just exacting enthusiasts, choosing the best dripper is essential for these vapers. They are always on the lookout for the assembly that suits them best. Even so, all of the models we show you here are excellent – these drippers can turn the most complex liquids into the finest flavours. Put simply, they make every puff delicious.

  1. Drippers – still the best?
  2. Another way to vape
  3. The bottom feeder
  4. Assemble with care
  5. The full range of vaping

Drippers - still the best?

Three years ago, drippers were far better than atomizers at delivering great flavour and enjoyable vaping. Atomizers already had ease of use and battery life on their side, and still do, but they’ve improved even more since then. So much so that the best atomizers can now compete with drippers in terms of flavour rendering.

In absolute terms, no one can claim that drippers deliver better flavour than atomizers nowadays. But the best drippers at least are still unbeatable. Although the gap has narrowed considerably, it hasn’t vanished. The most flavour-sensitive vapers who want to taste every note of their favourite liquid still turn to drippers.

Another way to vape

On top of their ability to render flavour so well, drippers also represent a different approach to vaping – one that’s calmer and more mindful because you have to think about dripping all the time. There’s no way you can mindlessly chain vape like you can with an atomizer. With a dripper, you savour every puff, if only to decide whether to add more liquid yet. Using a BF box does mean you can skip this part of the process though.

Using a dripper also involves using your hands. Topping up your liquid all the time is a habit that can become a ritual and form part of the pleasure of vaping. Too often, and too quickly, people tend to see this as a constraint, but vapers who love drippers completely disagree and adore these small gestures.

The bottom feeder

For those of you who can’t be bothered to open a bottle and pour a few drops onto your wick dozens of times a day, the answer is a bottom feeder. The liquid comes in a bottle that fits inside the box. You just squeeze it to send the liquid up into the dripper to soak the wick. The bottles are a good size, often over 7 ml, so you won’t have to refill them too often.

Almost all drippers now have two pins, i.e. they have two positive pads to connect to the box. The first pad is solid, but the second has a hole drilled into its centre and along its length. This channel allows the liquid to flow from the box to the dripper chamber. It takes no time at all to reconfigure with just a small screwdriver, which usually comes in the box.

Assemble with care

Of course, the quality of flavour from your dripper depends on the model you choose and on the assembly you put together. Like an atomizer, a dripper works best when it has the right assembly with it and that is properly set up. It has to heat evenly without any hot spots or faults in the way it works. Even the best dripper is worthless if that’s not the case.

The position of the coil in relation to the air intake is also important, as is wick placement. People often think wicking capacity is less important than with atomizers. That’s true when it comes to avoiding dry hits, but not when you want to optimize flavour rendering. You still need a loose, airy wick to get the most flavour out of it.

The full range of vaping

All that’s left to do is to choose the type of wire and the assembly. These principally depend on your vaping style and the power level you plan to use. It’s also a chance to experiment because hardly anyone gets it quite right first time. All types will work if they suit the optimal power for the dripper, but some will deliver much better flavour than others.

The right assembly may also depend on the type of liquid you use. Gourmet or fruity ones often work better with different assemblies. Finding the best assembly is part of the game, especially because it’s such a subjective process. Any suggestions people give you are really just pointers and may not be right for you, as it’s totally individual. It really is a completely different way of vaping, and such a satisfying one!

Flavour dripper FAQ

How much does a flavour dripper cost?

Flavour drippers generally cost between 30 Euro and 70 Euro.

What is the best flavour dripper?

After extensive testing, our experts have named the Asgard Mini by Vaperz Cloud the best flavour dripper.

Is a flavour dripper better than a flavour atomizer?

Yes, a flavour dripper usually delivers flavour better than a flavour atomizer. The main reason for this that the dripper has no tank, so the vapour doesn’t have to travel so far from the coil to the user’s mouth.

Should I choose a direct or indirect flavour dripper?

If you want to vape in two stages, i.e. you first pull the vapour into your mouth and then into your lungs (like smoking a cigarette), then you need an indirect inhalation dripper. However, if you want to vape by inhaling the vapour straight into your lungs like using a hookah, then you need a direct inhalation flavour dripper.

What power should I use with my flavour dripper?

The power you use with your flavour dripper depends on your coil. Flavour drippers usually use small coils that only work at low powers. So being able to vape with a flavour dripper at less than 20 Watts is quite common. Trial and error will help you find what set-up works best for you.

What size of flavour dripper should I choose?

No one size is better than another when it comes to flavour drippers. Most vapers are happy to choose a dripper that’s about the same size as their box, so it looks better overall.

What is a BF flavour dripper?

The letters BF stand for bottom feeder. BF drippers work differently from other drippers as they need to be paired with a BF box too. To find out more, we recommend reading our article What’s a bottom feeder (or BF or squonk)?

Can I use any e-liquid with a flavour dripper?

Yes, you can use all types of e-liquids in a flavour dripper.

Do flavour drippers work with any box?

Yes, flavour drippers work with any box or battery.

What is the difference between a 510 and an 810 drip tip?

An 810 drip is wider than a 510 drip tip. Most of the time, 810s are intended for the airiest drippers, while 510s are for drippers used for in indirect inhalation, i.e. most flavour drippers.

Why do flavour drippers only use one coil?

Flavour drippers designed to deliver the best e-liquid flavours tend to be as small in length and diameter as possible so they can do that. Their small size makes it impossible to fit more than one coil inside one vape.