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Review: Asgard Mini RDA – VaperzCloud


The Asgard Mini RDA by VaperzCloud is probably one of the best double coil drippers on the market. There are lots of reasons we say that: it’s airy, delivers powerful flavours and it looks great. This dripper is definitely worthy of the Norse gods.

A heavenly dripper

At just 23 mm high, the Asgard Mini RDA is an ultra compact, 25 mm dripper that delivers a surprisingly high-quality vape. Once again, VaperzCloud has succeeded in improving its products to give you the best possible vape.

Technical specs

Diameter 25 mm
Height 23
Weight 60 g
BF option BF pin included
Assembly type Simple and complex
Mounting plate Double coil
Range of use Depends on assembly
Air intake Adjustable
Drip tip 810
Materials Steel and ultem

What’s in the box?

  • Spare parts
  • BF pin
  • User guide

Dripper perfection

The Asgard RDA has an 810 drip tip attached to the dripper via the ultem chamber reducer.

This chamber reducer sits inside the dripper dome. Its job is to narrow the air intakes and boost flavour. The two small pins make it easy to fit onto the plate, and it doesn’t come into contact with the coils at all. This reducer doesn’t come with the Asgard Ice or Smoke models.

The atomizing dome has the name Asgard on one side and the brand’s initials (VC for VaperzCloud) on the other. There are 48 air flow holes on the sides – that’s a huge number on such a compact dripper. These features combined equal huge clouds.

The plate can take a double coil assembly thanks to the four pads on each side of the tank. It’s really easy to assemble and to insert the wick. The tank is deep enough to supply the dripper with liquid easily. On the outside of the plate, two seals hold the dome in place.

The dripper comes with a beauty ring that increases its diameter a little to 28 mm, but really adds to its visual appeal it by making it look more like a pyramid. As well as the pouch with the dripper, there’s a set of seals, a bottom feeder pin and a manual. They’ve included all the essentials.

The workmanship in this kit is perfect. The seals are good quality and everything fits together smoothly. VaperzCloud really does produce technically perfect kit, and does it consistently.

An atmospheric dripper

The Asgard Mini RDA has a lot of cards up its sleeve – firstly, just how easy it is to assemble. The threads on the pads are flawless, assembly is a breeze and getting the coils in the right place is child’s play. Once they’re in, all you need to do is recentre them slightly and add the wick. Adding the wick is just as easy, making this dripper really practical.

And it delivers surprisingly powerful flavours. The fact that the air flow is redirected a little towards the underside of the coils really boosts flavour, and you can make an impressive amount of vapour with those 48 holes. In our view, these features combined make it one of the best drippers on the market.


What we like

  • Flawless production quality
  • Air flow system redirected under the coils
  • 48 air inlet holes
  • Easy to assemble and wick
  • A compact and efficient dripper
  • Superb flavour

What we don’t like

  • Nothing
Price-quality ratio
Vape quality
Manufacturing quality
E-liquid consumption
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review-asgard-mini-rda-by-vaperzcloudThe Asgard Mini RDA by VaperzCloud fully deserves its place among the best drippers. It’s airy, packed with flavour and easy to use. Its qualities make it a very pleasant surprise.