Best BF box mod

The BP Mods Bushido Mod is top quality.

The excellent quality the brand is aiming for in order to convince a high-end market is there.

All the parts are perfectly constructed, the machining is impeccable and the result is a clear success.

This mod is compact, practical and efficient to use.

No complaints at all. Fans of small drippers for maximum flavour will have lots of fun with it.

Electronic : The best of both worlds

Electronic bottom feeder boxes are quite rare on the market. These niche products have struggled to find their place with BF enthusiasts, who usually prefer mechs, and fans of electronics who tend to like atomizers. However, these mods combine the best of both worlds – the comfort and safety of electronics, the vaping quality of drippers and the ease of bottom feeders. Manufacturers have obviously cottoned onto these benefits, as although there aren’t many BFs on the market, they are usually brilliant.

Everything you could ask for

BF mods are only really aimed at fans of drippers, i.e. rebuildables. However, not everyone likes mechs, whether for power regulation or safety reasons. Electronic BF mods give you the vape quality of a dripper, the comfort of a BF and the safety of an electronic.

  1. Single or dual battery?
  2. Choosing a bottle
  3. What about electronics?
  4. The benefits of a BF plus safety

Single or dual battery?

Like all mods, electronic BFs come in single and dual battery versions, with all the pros and cons of each design. Single battery versions are smaller, but their battery life and power are lower.

However, size is more important when it comes to BF boxes as they also have to hold a bottle. A dual-battery BF is as big as a standard triple battery, i.e. it’s pretty huge.

Add in the fact that the electronics also take up space, and there’s the reason we prefer single batteries and recommend them here.

Choosing a bottle

Until recent years, BF bottles were fairly standard, and most models used the classic 7ml round bottle. Since then, manufacturers have come up with original layouts and designs that use bottles of specific sizes or even square ones.

Some bottles work better than others, like Dovpo’s Topside bottle, which is a real stroke of genius. Not all bottles are created equal, whether in their capacity or ease of use, and our tests take this into account.

And what about the electronics?

It’s true that the electronics are becoming less and less of a factor when choosing a product. The vast majority of mods come with pretty decent chips. Manufacturers have all taken this on board now, so there aren’t many mods with disappointing electronics.

However, even though they’re rare, they still exist. And, even though they deliver similar vapes overall, electronics can vary in how intuitive and easy they are to use, and how many options they offer. These are important features for all electronic boxes, including BFs of course.

The benefits of a BF plus safety

The BF still targets a niche market of a tiny minority of vapers, of 1% at the most. Even so, it’s a dynamic market as the minority in question tends to be very passionate!

Most BFs are mechanical, which can put off anyone reluctant to try rebuildables without some backup. An electronic BF mod is perfect for them, because it combines the ease of BF drippers and the safety of the electronics if they assemble it incorrectly.

Electronic BF box mod FAQ

What is the average price of an electronic BF box mod?

An electronic BF box mod costs between 45 and 80 Euro on average.

What’s the best electronic BF box mod?

Thanks to extensive testing, our experts can confirm that the best electronic BF box mod in 2021 is the Pulse 2 BF by Vandy Vape.

Can I use an electronic BF mod box with my dripper?

Yes. The connection between these is standard so they will work together fine.

Should I choose a single or dual battery electronic BF box mod?

An electronic BF box mod with single battery will be smaller than an electronic BF box mod with two, but won’t last as long. You need to decide whether size or battery life is more important to you.

Can I change the bottle in my electronic BF mod box?

Yes. Manufacturers sell bottles separately, so you can get any bottles you need for their box to work properly.

Are some electronic BF mods better than others?

Yes. Some electronic BF box mods are more ergonomic than others. But when it comes to the electronics, there isn’t much difference.

Should I choose an electronic or mechanical BF box mod?

Electronic BF mod boxes have some safety features that mechanical BF mod boxes lack. Even so, for some vapers mechanical boxes ha their own charm. Whatever you choose, make sure you learn how to use your box safely.

What do all the little numbers on the screen of my electronic BF box mean?

The screen on a box displays several pictograms showing the remaining battery charge, the coil value (in Ohm), the voltage (in Volts), the power (in Watts) and the temperature (in degrees Celsius). It’s always a good idea to read the instructions for your product thoroughly.

Will my electronic BF box work with my current atomizer, clearomizer, or dripper?

A bottom feeder box is designed to work with a BF dripper too. Using this type of box with an atomizer or a clearomizer would make the bottle for the box completely redundant.

What is the switch?

The switch is just the button you press to activate the box. Sometimes it’s called a fire button.

Can I vape with my box while it’s charging?

Yes, most boxes let you vape while they’re charging.

Meca : A Vape For Passionate Fans

Mech BF mods have special status in the world of vaping. They’re seen as a niche product, used by die-hard fans. They combine the creativity and ingenuity of the people who make them with the demands and experience of those who use them.

They Are Beautiful!

Modders know that BF boxes can be truly beautiful, and the ones we’ve chosen here are perfect examples. These models have original, attractive designs and above average workmanship. Mech BF vaping is hard work but worth it!

  1. The benefits of mech BF mods
  2. Mech requirements
  3. Design above all
  4. A reasonable selection

The Benefits Of Mech BF Mods

Mech BF mods are aimed at enthusiasts, since they can only be used with rebuildable drippers.  Even though the idea of the bottom feeder initially left many fans feeling sceptical, its unbeatable benefits have kept it in the game.

Mech boxes tend to be smaller since the electronics are usually replaced by a simpler mechanism. They also allow you to rediscover the pleasure and simplicity of vaping without having to adjust any settings.

They’re also a modder’s favourite toy, with countless original creations and innovative designs. While some are expensive, others remain much more affordable, like the Fury 1.2.

Mech Requirements

Whether it’s a bottom feeder or not, a mech is still a mech. That means you have to use it with all of the necessary precautions. The battery comes into direct contact with the assembly, so it’s crucial to know how to build it safely.

Don’t even try this until you’ve mastered Ohm’s law, rebuildable assemblies and understand the limitations of the batteries you are using.

This isn’t advice for a nicer vaping experience – it’s a safety warning. Mech vaping is as safe when you follow the rules as it is dangerous if you break them.

Design Above All

A common feature of many mech BF boxes is their original design. It’s similar for tubes, but the additional constraint imposed by the bottle forces manufacturers to get even more creative.

The battery has to be accessible, the bottle has to be functional – for filling and for squonking – and everything must look fabulous. That’s a challenge some people take up with great enthusiasm!

A Reasonably Priced Selection

Our selection has left out a lot of models because of their price. Some modders make boxes that are truly remarkable, often using high-quality materials like titanium or precious woods, and make gems of creative design. The mech BF is the royalty of this category.

They often cost several hundred Euro, making them collector’s items or at least treasures for amateurs in-the-know and collectors of all types. For obvious practical reasons, our selection lists production models that are affordable and easy to get hold of.

Mech BF Box Mod FAQ

How much does a mech BF box mod cost?

Expect to pay about 70 Euro for a mechanical bottom feeder mod.

What’s the best mech BF box mod?

Following extensive testing by the editorial staff, our experts have awarded the prize for the best mechanical BF box to the Bushido Mod by BP Mods.

How can I change the power on my mech BF box?

You can’t change the power on a mechanical box. It is made to deliver the correct power for the coil it’s supplying.

Are mechanical BF boxes dangerous?

Yes, mechanical boxes of any kind can be dangerous if misused. There are no electronic parts inside to protect users from a potential short circuit. That’s why it’s so important to choose a battery the mech BF mod will work with. You also need to know Ohm’s law inside out, as well as how mechanical mods work in general.

Which battery should you choose for a mechanical BF mod?

Always choose a big brand and forget brands offering half price or reconditioned models, or any that are cheaper than all the others. Your safety depends directly on the quality of the battery you use. You have to use a battery that won’t degas or explode if something goes wrong. Some batteries also have short-circuit protection, which we recommend. Finally, remember to check the MDC of the battery in question, to make sure it can provide the power you need for your assembly.

Can I make my mechanical mod safer to use?

Yes, some mechanical BF mods have fuse systems, which are sometimes electronic. If adding a fuse improves the overall safety of the kit, it still won’t be as safe as an electronic mod because the assembly will always be in direct contact with the battery, and there’s no way to adjust the settings. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that fitting this type of fuse will make using a mechanical mod risk-free.

The power of the puffs varies with my mechanical BF mod. Is there something wrong with my model?

No, there is nothing wrong with your box. Mechanical mods don’t have a settings mode like electronic mods. So the power of the puff depends directly on the battery charge and its voltage. The first puffs with a fully charged battery will always be more powerful than later puffs, and the final puffs will be less and less powerful as the battery voltage drops.

Are mechanical BF boxes better than electronic BF boxes?

No, vaping with a mechanical mod is not “better” than vaping with an electronic mod. These days, mechanical mods are used by a minority of vapers who are often passionate about these assemblies. But there’s no difference in vaping quality between a mechanical mod and an electronic mod.

How long will a mechanical mod last?

There’s no limit to how long a mechanical mod will last. Since it doesn’t contain any electronics, a mechanical mod can last for decades without any problems.

What is the switch?

The switch is simply the button you press to heat the coil when you want to vape.