Best small box mod under 60 Euro

The Aegis Solo 2 S100 box by Geek Vape is a great solution that combines good performance and strong build quality. Powered by an 18650 battery, its chipset is reliable and easy to adjust.

The display is bright and easy to read, despite the small size of the box. The main advantage of the Aegis Solo is its superb sturdiness. Protected almost all over by tough rubber, this box is ready for the challenges of everyday life. They’ve thought about the design too, combining over-stitched leather and coloured plastic. The battery cap is easy to screw into place and is guaranteed to stay closed under any circumstances. This box is solid, easy to use, comfortable to hold and reliable. It’s a great product!

Excellent value for money

Even three years ago, you could tell the difference if you used a more expensive mod. High-end products made more enjoyable, more continuous and more satisfying vapour. This is no longer true, thanks to progress by manufacturers. Vape quality is no longer determined by price. More expensive mods do have better exterior finishes, and tend to be made of higher quality materials, or at least more expensive plastics. Of course a handmade wooden mod, or one made of titanium is going to be expensive. But that doesn’t mean it’ll vape better. Here are our recommendations for the mods that give the best value for money, the perfect vape and amazing pleasure for their price!

Progress in vaping in 2019

There have always been vapes on sale for less than 60 Euro. But these are now really good! Mods in this price bracket can now compete with models that were twice the price a couple of years ago, and now give a brilliant vaping experience.

  1. The more expensive, the better?
  2. So why spend more?
  3. Are more expensive vapes more reliable?
  4. A strict selection

The more expensive, the better?

Not necessarily.

It’s true most of the time, when it comes to the materials used or the finish. In spite of some exceptions, the overall quality of mods has improved dramatically in recent years. Classic products these days are more like previous top of the range products in terms of workmanship.

But this is far from true when it comes to vape quality. Manufacturers are now very good at making them, and our tests rarely turn up a bad mod. You don’t have to spend more to get a better vape. Yes, there are still differences, but those aren’t directly related to mod prices.

So why spend more?

Vape quality aside, a mod is something you hold in your hand all the time. For some people, the details of the mod itself are important. A watch made by a watchmaker doesn’t tell the time any better than a basic watch. But some people prefer to use a handmade watch to tell the time and they’re willing to pay for it.

It’s exactly the same with vaping, but with price differences that can be just as surprising. Vaping can be an luxury to savour, but from a strictly functional point of view there’s no difference at all.

Are more expensive vapes more reliable?

Absolutely not, for two reasons. The first is that brands are now well established, and know that the return rate of defective mods is a critical selection criteria for stores. Bad products won’t last long in such a competitive market.

The second is simply that the electronics in a mod are simple, and are much more basic than in a smart phone, for example. Production methods have been perfected, problems overcome and the entire manufacturing process is reliable. Needless to say, when this is not the case our tests take no prisoners.

A strict selection

Even so, pricing can impact the results of our tests, for example, when we review decorative details. It seems reasonable to have different expectations from models that are twice the price. But that only applies to the aesthetic details and bears no relation to the functionality or reliability of the model.

When it comes to buttons that are loose in their housing, finishes that wear over time, and of course the quality of the vape produced, our tests are strict – whatever the price.

FAQ on small box mods under 60 Euro

What’s the best small box mod for less than 60 Euro?

The experts on our editorial staff have named the Aegis Solo 2 S1OO Box by Geek Vape as the best low-priced small box.

Is the quality of a box less than 60 Euro worse than a more expensive model?

No, boxes at this price are no worse than others that cost twice as much. Although there was a direct link between price and quality a few years ago, the huge progress made by vape manufacturers mean that most products nowadays are priced competitively.

What’s the lifespan of a box that costs less than 60 Euro?

A compact box that costs less than 60 Euro can last for several years. However, there’s no reliable way to work out a more precise answer because it’s impossible to estimate the lifespan of the electronic parts inside it.

Will a small box have enough battery life?

Even though small boxes usually only have one battery, that might be enough to get you through the day as long as you only it occasionally and at low power. If battery life is your biggest concern, or you want to vape at high power, you may be better with a dual battery box.

Can I use my atomizer, clearomizer or dripper with my new box?

Yes, your existing kit should have a standard 510 pin, so it will work with your new box perfectly.

Can I change the battery in a small box that costs under 60 Euro?

Yes, you can replace the battery in a compact box that costs under 60 Euro if it uses a separate battery. But do check, because some boxes in this category have a built-in battery which you can’t replace.

If boxes that cost less than 60 Euro are good quality, why are some boxes over 100 Euro?

Is a 15 Euro watch going to tell the time any less well that one for 1000 Euro? No. Well, the same principle applies to vaping. Just like watch making and other specialist crafts, some boxes are handmade in very low numbers, or using precious materials, and that explains their particularly high prices. Some boxes can cost over 300 Euro.

What information is displayed on the screen of my box that costs less than 60 Euro?

A small box costing under 60 Euro should show you information such as the power being used (in Watts), the temperature (in degrees Celsius), the coil value (in Ohm), the voltage (in Volts) and the remaining battery charge. For more information about the display, please refer to your product’s user manual.

What is the switch?

The switch, also sometimes called the fire button, is the button you press to work the box.