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Review: Coolfire Z80 – Innokin

Chinese manufacturer Innokin in the lead for starter kits. Following on from their excellent Z50 kit, Innokin has launched an adaptable kit in the form of the Z80. It looks like the Zenith II but has more power and is much more versatile - you can use it for two styles of vaping.


An adaptable kit

The Z80 kit has a stylish design and a sleek finish, and uses an 18650 battery. The addition of new operating modes to the updated Zenith II clearomizer mean you can use it for indirect and restricted direct vaping … What a great kit to start vaping!

Technical specs


Mod dimensions 83.55 x 38.3 + 27.6 mm
Mod weight 88 g
Battery type 18650
Charging USB-C, external charger
Maximum power 80 W
Max. atomizer diameter 26 mm
Modes available Watts, volts
Clearomizer dimensions 51.7 x 26 mm
Clearomizer weight 55 g
Clearomizer capacity 5.5 ml
Range of use 15 to 40 W
Filling Top fill

In the box:

  • Mod
  • Clearomizer
  • Spare tank
  • Spare parts
  • USB cable
  • Coils
  • Drip tip
  • User manual

A well designed box

On the top of the box there’s a spring-mounted 510 connector. It can take atomizers up to 26mm in diameter, which meets most people’s needs, as is using a single 18650 battery. The box can reach 80 W.

The body of the box is covered with a smooth leather- or suede-look material depending on the finish. It feels soft and smooth in your hand.

You access the battery compartment via a screw cap. There’s a small tab (for picking it up) that makes it easy to handle. 4 degassing outlets increase the safety level of the Z80 in case of battery problems. The cap thread is smooth. It only takes a few seconds to fit the battery.

On the front there are two buttons for settings and under them there’s a USB-C port for occasional charging. The activation button is on the top of the box. It is discreetly edged in gold.

The display screen is bright enough and shows all the information you’ll need for everyday use. The Z80 box has a menu in watts and volts, and a F∅ function. This menu allows you to set a frequency in Hertz to suit the coil you’re using. To make this function easier to use, the box displays recommendations about the range of use. Depending on your inhalation style and the e-liquid you’re using, you should update the value within the recommended range. The refresh function is a kind of low powered pre-heat function that cleans any e-liquid deposits off the coil. It’s a bit unusual when you use it, but it works well. Combining the two functions ensures a much longer coil life than you get in conventional wattage mode.

A versatile clearomizer

The Zenith II comes with two mouth pieces (drip tips). The mouthpiece installed when you open the package is for indirect inhalation (into your mouth then into your lungs, like a tobacco cigarette). The second mouthpiece is bigger and black. It’s for direct inhalation (when you breathe directly into your lungs). These new features show just how far the Zenith II has come. It’s more versatile than its big brother, but we’ll come back to that. It’s easy to fill – just turn the top ring on the clearomizer to open the filling hole. The split seal guarantees it won’t leak, even if you turn the Zenith II upside down. We recommend using bottles with narrow tips to make that process easier. With a 5.5 ml capacity, you won’t even need to fill the Zenith II that often.

The design of the Zenith II is sober. The edges are slightly rounded and add to the styling of the clearomizer. The upper rotating ring has a “Z” for Zenith engraved into it. It’s discreet and well integrated. The lower ring, which allows you to access the coil is also machined to make it easier to turn.

The biggest change in the new Zenith II is the option to take it apart completely. Unlike the first model, you can change the Pyrex tank. The kit actually comes with a second tank too. Taking the clearomizer apart only takes a few seconds – everything screws on and off easily and totally smoothly.

Changing the coil is a breeze. It only fits in one way, thanks to two flat plates either side of the coil. Putting in and removing the coil is easy and once it’s in, it won’t budge. The seals work perfectly. During out tests we didn’t see a single leak or any horrible seepage.

What sets the Zenith II apart is this new found versatility. As the go-to clearomizer for indirect inhalation and a very tight draw, the first model gained a great reputation and a large fan base. The new model retains the qualities that made the first clearomizer so successful, and has been developed to offer restricted direct inhalation too. The air flow adjustment ring has a series of 3 small holes for an ultra-tight draw. Turning it a little more gives you a wide opening for a more direct draw. Teaming this up with the Z coils makes the option of using a wide range of powers pretty amazing.

The 0.8 ohm coil is designed for indirect inhalation. Its range of use is between 15 to 18 W, and delivers great, aromatic flavour. Adjusting the air flow adjustment ring gives you variable draft tightness, and that can change the vapour temperature. It’s perfect for gourmet liquids. Vapers who prefer lower powers can easily switch to other coils that work with the Zenith II and range from 0.48 ohm to 1.6 ohm. That’s more than enough for most people’s needs.

The second 0.3 ohm resistor, for use between 30 and 40 W, is reserved for restricted direct inhalation. Whichever liquid we tried, the flavours were excellent. Vapour production is consistent with the power used with the coil. Without a doubt, this coil gives beginners the opportunity to try direct inhalation, and also offers a reasonable direct vape for people who like small clouds.

In summary

What we like

  • Design
  • Menu quality
  • Quality of the finish
  • Versatile clearomizer
  • Coil quality

What we don’t like

    • Nothing !

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test-the-coolfire-z80-kit-by-innokinThe Coolfire Z80 kit is an excellent kit to start vaping, whether you want to do indirect or direct inhalation. The Zenith II gives you the option of changing your vaping style while also offering 80 W of power. The FO and Refresh menus guarantee that your coils will last longer. It’s a kit worth trying!