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Study: Varenicline Should be Used to Help Diabetic Smokers Quit

Whilst considered significantly effective, Varenicline known to cause significant moderate to severe psychological side effects.Titled, “Efficacy and Safety of Varenicline for Smoking Cessation in...

Study Says Therapies Including Varenicline Are Most Effective for Smoking Cessation

The study, “Smoking cessation medicines and e-cigarettes: a systematic review, network meta-analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis,” was conducted by researchers from the University of Bristol...

Study: Varenciline Does Not Increase Risk of Heart Attack

The researchers said were less recorded instances of death from a cardiovascular event in people who were prescribed varenicline vs patches.Varenciline, which goes by...

U.S. FDA to Allow Temporary Distribution of Impurities-Containing Chantix 

The FDA said it will temporarily allow the distribution of the drug below an interim limit of 185 ng per day, until the impurity...

FDA removes warning from controversial anti-smoking drug

Chantix which was approved approximately ten years ago, is renowned for being an effective medication for smokers that rids them of any craving to smoke....