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China’s Market Regulator Has Just Released New Vape Standards

In a public document, the regulator listed the required standards for design, chemical compounds, and the mechanics for e-cigarettes that domestic manufacturers must meet...

China Vapers Stock Up on Flavoured Vapes Ahead of Ban

Amongst other restrictions, a new bill going into effect on May 1st, will ban 122 flavours as proposed by the State Tobacco Monopoly Administration,...

Shares in China’s Huabao Drop by 65% Due to Government Probe

The CEO's net worth was recently estimated by Forbes at $2.6 billion, while in the most recent rankings of China’s richest, Chu’s net worth...

New Study Analyses Why Vapes Are Unpopular Amongst Chinese Smokers 

In terms of value, China’s e-cigarette market has become the world’s third-largest. However, unlike other major markets such as the US and the UK,...

ECigIntelligence Report on China’s Vape Market

The report listed changes in consumer preferences, the roles of different retail channels and how they are changing, and also pointed out the main...