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Consumer Groups Urge WHO to Save Lives By Endorsing THR

The letter asks the WHO to end its war on vaping and other alternatives to smoking, which have been identified by science as effective...

NGOs Exposed in Funding Vape Ban Lobbying in the Philippines

A "small, corrupt network of elites” are “funneling cash through a myriad of anti-tobacco organizations and charities, and are particularly focused on influencing laws.“These...

UK Report Criticizes Bloomberg-Funded WHO For Violating Consumers’ Rights in LMICs

In line with arguments by several other tobacco harm reduction advocates, the publication highlights said these anti-vaping “civil society observers” have been allowed to...

Leaked papers Show WHO’s Plans to Intensify War Against E-Cigs

Last week a meeting of tobacco regulators under auspices of the FDA-funded WHO Global Tobacco Regulators’ Forum (GTRF) was held in the Netherlands, as...
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