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Life Insurance Premiums Could Cost up to £16,000 More for Smokers

A smoker aged 50 would be paying nearly triple what a non-smoker of the same age.Releasing the statement on this year's No Smoking Day,...

Health Insurance Companies Charge Vapers Up to 50% More

Normally, non-smokers including vapers, are charged up to 50% less a year on their life insurance. This could equate to paying between $350 to...

US Insurance Company Will Treat Vapers As Smokers

In response to the recent US cases of “vape-related” lung disease, the fourth-largest life insurance company in the US, has announced that from now...

IBVTA asks UK Insurance Association CEO for fair policies for vapers

Last year Public Health England famously announced that e-cigarettes would be endorsed as harm reduction and smoking cessation tools, as a study by the...