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The nicotine in e-liquids for e-cigarettes has encouraged many smokers to take up vaping, but still causes concern as reflected in numerous regulations and policies. Studied for decades, this alkaloid continues to drive political and scientific debate.

New Study Examines Relationship Between Nicotine Withdrawal And Eating Habits

Study participants in nicotine withdrawal, opted for food high in calories, salt, fat and sugar.Nicotine withdrawal symptoms are known to be experienced differently by...

US National Survey Reveals Doctors Wrongly Associate Nicotine With Cancer

Researchers from the Rutgers Center for Tobacco Studies said it is imperative that physicians understand nicotine risks accurately so that they are in a...

Analysis: Florida Student Hospitalized From Vaping

Four students at a high school in Florida got ill from vaping on Tuesday, Oct. 19. CAPE CORAL, Fla. — Local news media reports that...

TobaccoIntelligence Podcast Discusses The Nicotine Pouches And Snus Market

Snus is a moist powder tobacco product that is placed under the upper lip for extended periods. It is mostly popular in Sweden, Denmark...

Canada Health Officials Cracking Down on High Potency Nicotine Vapes

In December 2020, Health Canada proposed a nicotine limit of 20 milligrams per milliliter (mg/ml) for all vaping products. This proposal came in response...

Utah Pushing For Nicotine Caps To “Protect Minors”

Nicotine caps in e-cigarettes are at the center of the policy debate in Utah, once again. SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Department of Health...

Canada’s Nicotine Cap Goes Into Effect on July 8th

Until only a few years back, Canada was on the right trajectory in terms of tobacco harm reduction, and had fully endorsed the use...

Altria Urges FDA to Clarify That Nicotine Doesn’t Cause Cancer

Earlier this year CNBC said that it had obtained a copy of the letter, in which Altria explains that the move would encourage smokers...