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The American Lung Association Rolls Out Plan to Fight Teen Vaping

The ALA has a reputation for maintaining an outdated stance towards tobacco harm reduction, and has on multiple occasions shared misniformation and counter productive...

E-cigs “almost twice as effective as NRT” says new study

The study was a simple one. A total of 886 participants – all adults attending National Health Service smoking cessation clinics - were randomly...

Interesting times, as vaping opponents face fire from every direction

Fear of putting on weight deters many smokers from quitting, but a new paper from New Zealand suggests that electronic cigarettes could be the...

Watch BBC Horizon – E-Cigarettes: Miracle or Menace?

Michael Mosley addressed his questions regarding e-cigarettes, the questions public asks about e-cigarettes, to several experts among which Dr Marcej Goniewicz and Dr Mark Travers (Roswell...
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