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The Relationship Between Smoking And Mental Well-Being

People who quit smoking had a greater reduction in anxiety, depression, and symptoms of stress, than those who did not.A recent review has indicated...

Another Study Looking Into the Association Between Vaping and Mental Illness

Among those who had ever tried an e-cigarette, over half (54.6%) reported the reason was to quit smoking, while 13.9% reported that the reason...

The Link Between Smoking, Vaping and Psychological Well-Being in the US

The researchers procured data from the 2014-2017 National Health Interview Survey, an annual, cross-sectional survey of nationally representative samples of US adults. The total...

Australian Psychiatrists urge authorities to lift nicotine ban

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP), said that mentally ill individuals have a higher tendency to smoke than healthier members...