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Study: Varenicline Should be Used to Help Diabetic Smokers Quit

Whilst considered significantly effective, Varenicline known to cause significant moderate to severe psychological side effects.Titled, “Efficacy and Safety of Varenicline for Smoking Cessation in...

Study: Varenciline Does Not Increase Risk of Heart Attack

The researchers said were less recorded instances of death from a cardiovascular event in people who were prescribed varenicline vs patches.Varenciline, which goes by...

FDA to Release Plan for the Development of Smoking Cessation Drugs

So far there are 11 biosimilars, or versions of complex and highly-priced biologic smoking cessation drugs approved in the US, including two that won...

New smoking cessation product launched in Canada

Blake Ziegler, pharmacist, professor at the University of Waterloo professor and founder of Zpharm, has successfully commercialized cytisine by selling it in capsule form,...