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Expert on Why New FDA Ads Will Likely be Ineffective

As part of its “The Real Cost” campaign which was launched last September, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has just released a...

FDA Launches “Magic” TV Ad Campaign Targeting Teen Vaping

Called “Magic,” the tv ads feature street magician Julius Dein, who has approximately 800,000 followers on YouTube. The ads are part of the FDA...

FDA Taking Policy Decisions Based on Undisclosed Data

Last year the FDA had announced that it would be expanding its teen anti-smoking campaign, “The Real Cost” to include vaping. On announcing the...

FDA Launches New Anti-Vaping Youth Campaign

In August 2017, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, had stated that the agency’s new tobacco plan would support product innovation so that smokers would...

Gottlieb fails to credit vaping products for reduction in teen smoking

The good news is, that the announcement points out that smoking has been reduced by half since 2011, from 15.8 percent to 8.0 percent,...