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CDC Report: Over 10% U.S. Women Use Tobacco

The figures were released recently by the CDC and also found that the use of tobacco products (a label which inaccurately also refers to...

CDC 2018 Report: Vaping has Particularly Increased Amongst Former Smokers

In a post on his blog page “Tobacco Truth” public health expert Brad Rodu, points out that while US federal officials have been “obsessed...

Wisconsin: Smoking Rates at Record Low as Vaping Increases

Last week, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ (DHS) Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System survey, reported that the State’s smoking rate has dropped to...

CDC Refuses to Acknowledge Role of E-Cigs in Declining Smoking Rates

Last week, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that US smoking rates have hit a record low, at 14%. E-cigarette companies...